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Exchange your Premium Tank for another Premium Tank

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Hello everyone,

I still haven’t had time to write an article with everything I’ve learned at WG Fest from my conversation with Thaine Lyman. But something just came to my attention, the exchange of a Premium Vehicle for another Premium Vehicle.

Some blogs and news sites have reported that it will be possible to exchange your Premium Vehicle for Gold and then you can buy another one. Basically if you decide that you don’t like the tank you just bought and you have changed your mind, you would just request a refund for Gold and get a new one.

This information is actually inaccurate. Murazor has announced during WG Fest that a new feature will be coming that will allow players to trade Premium Vehicles they don’t like. But it’s not for gold, it’s actually for another Premium Vehicle directly and players will have to pay an additional Gold Fee.

This information is actually accurate, because during my conversation with Thaine Lyman, regarding Premium Vehicles, he told me that players will be able to exchange a premium tank for another one, by paying a small Gold fee. Basically Wargaming wants players to be happy, and if they believe the tank is not what they wanted, instead of selling it for credits or just have it in the garage and moan about it in the Forums, they can just simply exchange it.

What you think? A nice feature to add in the game? I believe it’s actually very good, specially because we can’t rent or preview the tank. Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

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15,466 thoughts on “Exchange your Premium Tank for another Premium Tank

  1. it might sound good for some but it more logical thing to do is to rent it out for 1-3 days an if they like it then they have the option to buy it without the crew that was in it during the rental period!!

  2. Yeessss. Soon I will be able to get rid of that T-25 I don’t play with

  3. Finally a good idea. That FCM50 T is such a pain in the ***. :))))

  4. What will be the limit of this exchange? I ***ume only with tanks in the premium shop yes? Or will you be able to get rarer tanks with a larger gold fee? say you want to trade your T-25 for a matilda 4 and the gold fee is 100. Or you can trade it for a SU-85i for 500 (just an example, fees will probably be huge).

  5. That will be great, i thinks just like you said, sometimes when we buy it, we just think that it will be fit on our play, but, then we just can’t do enought with it… That happened withe me when i bought the jag8.8, i just don’t know to play with it…

  6. Well, if they aren’t considering the swap only with available premiums in the tech tree… It’s a great idea. But that’s, for me, the big question. Any way… It’s an option, so yeah it’s a very welcome idea. 😉

  7. Just another way for players to consume gold and spend $$ on this “free-to-play-but pay-to-win” game..

  8. I think this is a great idea, it would allow for players who buy premium accounts to experience more vehicles without having to buy them all.

  9. Is the m46 Patton KR or the t26e5 are rare? It’s a great new but if I only have access to t26e5 and t34 USA tanks for tiers 4+ for trading it isn’t such great news.

  10. is the T26E5 and M46 Patton Kr are rare ? It’s a great new but if i only get access to USA tiers 4+ T26E4 and T34 it ins’t such a great news for me.

  11. This is a great idea if the World of Tanks people want us to enjoy the game by experimenting with new tanks and keeping the ones we enjoy using.

    I buy tanks to help me win and not lose a game. Sometimes I pay for a premium tank and only used it a few times because it does not do fit my playing style. It sits in a garage space and I feel that I wasted my money.

    Allowing me to trade in my unwanted premium tank would encourage me to buy more premium tanks and to play more often.

  12. Yea , I will exchange the Lowe for the T34 , cause I don’t play the Lowe , was a waste of money when I bought it

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