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European Tech Tree – Update & More Details

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Hello everyone,

Do you remember my article about a rumour around Wargaming wanting to introduce an European Tech Tree, and how this rumours could be fake or true? Well, I got more details about it and I’m now in position to share them with you.


Please remember this article talks about changes that might never come to the live server. These are only ideas being discussed and not in the pipeline to come in any form to the game.

First of all, it seems the original author forgot to mention the picture was added just as an illustration of a possible Tech Tree and how in theory it could look if it was introduced to the game.

Source: Wargaming EU Forum | Author: NinjaonDope

Wargaming is not working on this specific tree and it will most probably never look like this. So as a final reminder, this Tech Tree is fan made and it has nothing to do with what Wargaming is currently thinking to do.

Second, there are a few nations that are currently being worked on to be added to the game, but Wargaming is reluctant in introducing them as incomplete Tech Trees. I’ve been told by a secure source, that currently Wargaming is trying to revive the idea of an European Tech Tree.

Rumours are true and Wargaming is debating an European Tech Tree.

What it wasn’t pointed out before is the fact that everyone in Wargaming thinks this is a terrible idea, but nonetheless, people in charge want to debate this idea further and see if they can come up with a decision on this matter. What does it mean? It means they are just talking about it and sharing ideas, it means it might never come to the Live Server.

Now you might ask, is this something likely to happen soon? The answer is very simple: NO.

Like I’ve said before, Wargaming is just discussing an idea, going over it and see how that could be introduced in the game and if would actually fit in the game. It can take up another month just for them to come to a rough decision on what they are going to do. So, no need to panic or getting to excited about it, because the probability of this happening is very low.

What is this European Tech Tree idea?

For those of you who haven’t heard these rumours before, Wargaming is currently discussing if they could bring an European Tech Tree to the game. This tech tree would be made of several new nations, together with two already in the game: Swedish and Czechs.

The main argument is that by doing this, Wargaming would be able to introduce nations like, for example (not confirming these are coming to the game) Italy, Switzerland or even Poland. Again, this is just an idea being discussed and I’ve been told that no one from Wargaming likes the idea at all.

It’s not the first time this idea has been discussed, a few players have made several proposals for this Tech Tree and they go far back as 2011/2012. There seems to be a lot of backup for this idea, but there are also a lot of players against it.

In my personal opinion, I don’t like the idea and I certainly don’t want it to be introduced to the game. I believe Wargaming could just  introduce Nations that have full lines, from Tier I up to X, even if it’s just one like Czechoslovakia. The rest of the Nations we either get them as Premium Nations or could even be all bulked with the side they supported during World War II. Alternatively Wargaming could introduce a few nations without complete tech trees, making these just historical tech trees.

I’m more in favour of seeing some tanks put together with other nations, for example Italian tanks inside the German Tech Tree, or if Wargaming decides there isn’t enough tanks to make a lower tier line, just introduce them as a Premium Nation. Like China used to be with the Type 59.

Remember, that’s just my opinion, I’m sure there are hundreds of different ideas that could be explored, so what do you think? What would be your idea of what Wargaming could do with these nations?


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15,466 thoughts on “European Tech Tree – Update & More Details

  1. Just create a tech tree call “miscellaneous” or “Also-ran” if they want Italy or Polish tanks in-game. Please don’t attempt a merge / cull of existing tech trees to fit a few extra tanks in game

  2. I’d still go with separate nations, each having as many tanks as possible, even if not having complete tier 1-10 branches. Better that than never seeing a significant number of historical tanks in the game.

  3. They could put tanks in existing tech trees. Key would be, IMHO, to add special camo and crew members of the right nationality. Polish WW2 tanks could be incorporated into the UK tech tree. Polish crew would speak Polish, but could be moved into British tanks as well. That would be perfectly historical, too. Axis countries could be added to the German tree, unless there is some viable candidate for an Axis T10 tank. Doubt it, though.

  4. The problem I see with a mixed tree is for instance if you have the Polish low tiers leading into the Czech high tiers you will upset a lot of people and as a business you don’t want to upset people on purpose. Better to keep alive the hope that they might get their own tree eventually.

    I would be happy to see partial trees but again there’s a risk that not giving a nation a tier X will be seen as an insult, so I don’t see that happening.

    More likely we will see more one branch trees with fantasy or copy paste top tiers.

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