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Developers Q&A: Ranked Battles, Matchmaking, Game & Vehicle Changes, Premium Ammunition

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Second part of the World of Tanks Developers Q&A with the Russian Community Contributors and this article is about: Ranked Battles, Matchmaking, Game & Vehicle Changes, Premium Ammunition.


Ranked Battles

  • The experience earned in battle isn’t linear and easy to calculate. For example, spotting an enemy for the first time, or close combat give different amounts of experience. It’s not the perfect metric, but it’s the best Wargaming has.
  • Wargaming can’t introduce a Hall of Fame like mechanics for Ranked battles at the moment. There are several reasons, but mainly it’s because it can’t be calculated in real-time or immediately after the battle.
  • Wargaming considers seeing Damage, Spotting and Damage Block enough data for players to see during the battle. Adding Experience would be difficult and very confusing for the player.
  • The reason why “specific actions”, for example, fire 10 times, can’t award bonus experience is because it doesn’t work as a “tick box”. Actions from other players around a player, can influence and change how much experience he earns for example. Once the battle is over, the player will receive the rewards. During the battle would be too confusing.
  • Ratings for Ranked Battles will be calculated immediately after the battle.
  • Wargaming will investigate how they can change the experience system to make it clearer.
  • Hall of Fame was more or less successful and Wargaming likes it.
  • Anomalies detected will be definitely changed, but there are no plans to radically change the experience formula anytime soon.
  • Damage isn’t always the prevailing factor when calculating experience.


  • Introducing a system where a player is Top Tier after playing a battle as Bottom Tier isn’t simple and would make queue times much longer.
  • Waiting 4 to 5 minutes with a Light Tank to get into a battle isn’t acceptable.
  • Matchmaking is universal, but how flexible it can be, depends on each server because of player numbers.
  • Tier X vehicles are continuously growing in RU Server.
  • At the moment it’s like a reverse pyramid, more high tiers than lower tiers. To have three Tier VIII as Top Tier, it’s required to get twice as much Tier VI for each battle and there aren’t many Tier VI at the moment anymore.
  • New features and changes to the Matchmaking are implemented almost every patch.
  • The system is so big and complex, any changes can’t be announced before they are tested.

Game and Vehicle Changes/Balance

  • A player spends half a year grinding a tree, but the top tier is not different, as some tanks can’t be researched from the tanks they used to be able to be researched from before. For example, somebody wants to get Obj. 263, but gets Obj. 268v4 instead. Sure the Obj. 268v4 is good, but the player doesn’t get what he wants, and that’s really annoying for some players. This is the reason they didn’t remove the FV183, FV215b, Foch 155 but let the players keep it anyway.
  • Most of the high tier changes are done for now, and Wargaming will focus on fixing the tech trees.
  • Wargaming can’t announce tank changes/replacements six months in advance but will try to do it in one/two months in advance.
  • They will have a serious pause in the changes, of which Wargaming have managed to get about 85% of the changes they wanted.
  • Contributor questions if isn’t the reason for so many Tier X and lack of lower tiers the amount of attention WG gave to Tier X and didn’t give lower tiers last year? At lower tiers, almost no work is going on right now. There are some good tanks at Tiers V-VII that are fine, but what about others? Not as good, so people either use free XP to skip past those tanks, or just skip the tier altogether and Tier VIII don’t see them. But in different regions, it’s a different story.
  • As soon as everything settles,  Wargaming will start working on “the next segment”. (H: No details what the next segment is.)
  • Wargaming will definitely do something with the middle tiers, but only after a pause between any announcement and actual change to give you time to research any tanks that a player would want.
  • Will the T67 and/or the E25 be nerfed?
    • Wargaming don’t think nerfing the T67 is a good idea as of right now, however, they said they could “work with” the E 25, but nothing specific. Wargaming has said about the T67: “Panicking and frantically changing the outstanding vehicle doesn’t prove to look like a good idea.”
  • Were there any plans to change the IS-4 line? And if so, is there any clarification?
    • Yes, there are plans for IS-4 and ST-I (at least). Wargaming will announce at least half a year prior to the changes. As far as other changes, the “December 2011 Plan” – with the plans for 2012 – had Japanese tanks, the Sturmtiger, and other things, but Wargaming still hasn’t done about 30% of that. And they try to not make any promises they can’t do anymore. First Wargaming will make, then test, then show, then test again and show, then they test it once more but on a smaller level, then they release.
  • Wargaming has a lot of things in development in different stages.
  • While the community wants to know what Wargaming is working on, there are a lot of things they wanted to do and found it’s a bad idea and scrapped all without announcement. If Wargaming announced Bat.Chat 25 t changes half a year before the planned changes, those announcements would be a lie at least twice: if Wargaming does it and if Wargaming doesn’t do it. However, they did, in fact, try to compensate for it, like what they did with the KV-13 XP when they announced the new line on WGFest.

Premium Ammunition

  • Wargaming will remove the gold price for gold rounds after Update 1.0 and make it where only silver/credit price is left.
  • Anton Pankov corrected the initial statement where it was said it would be in Update 1.0, by saying this was an error and the gold price removal would happen in the update after 1.0.
  • Premium ammunition is a very complex problem to fix, because some rare people on all regions still buy Premium Ammo for Gold, so they can’t directly nerf them right now because it’s prohibited by law in some countries. So, Wargaming will let everyone keep those rounds, but remove the gold price. Wargaming will wait until people shoot out all the rounds they bought for gold, which will probably be within a week, depending on how often someone shoots gold. Then they will do rebalances with them. Wargaming said, “Wait for Sandbox, we will have changes for gold rounds there.” There are a few ways of rebalancing gold ammunition:
    • First Scenario: No more concept of the “premium” ammo, just another type of ammo in general. Different types of ammo for different uses (more/less alpha,  more/less pen, maybe some speed changes, etc.), but they’ll feel like a proper different type of ammo for some specific use, and they will not cost a lot anymore in that variant. The cost of most premium rounds is not reasonable, but the main changes won’t happen in the same update, as it will simply remove the gold price and that lets us do everything.
    • Second Scenario: Make premium ammunition available only for Gold again. Wargaming doesn’t like this at all and the idea is practically scrapped.
    • Third Scenario: Change the whole economics of shooting. For example, changing all prices. So for example, <some_type_of_shell> doesn’t cost 25x as much as <some_other_type_of_shell>. A lot of prem tanks have their economics regulated by the price of their ammo. And they know it and will look at how everything affects everything and won’t do any rash decisions. That’s the very plan for this year. Economics could possibly change so much they could need a change the gold to silver/credits exchange ratio. Changes to silver/credits earnings due to no more premium shells, plus all those boosters,  so we’ll have to wait and see. It’s also possible shells could be absolutely different from each other, not only like AP from APCR but HEAT from HESH too. In the worst situation, they could simply refund the gold for all the gold rounds bought for gold. It’s a really long-term plan with a lot of variables and ways it could go, and this was meant to solve the gold problem and return the armour to WoT.

15,466 thoughts on “Developers Q&A: Ranked Battles, Matchmaking, Game & Vehicle Changes, Premium Ammunition

  1. Or rank up and you wont see them. From rank10 to rank15 is arty-clear area.

  2. As far as I understood – yes, they are. They said so in some answers quite some time ago, and now after a long period of silence on the subject they are re-confirming it. Doesn’t sound like whatever they are doing is anywhere near finished yet, or if they are even sure which way to go with the changes, but at least they have it planned(still).

  3. “Most of the high tier changes are done for now, and Wargaming will focus on fixing the tech trees.”

    RIP German mediums (especially the Leopard line) and E-100. Also RIP T-34-2.

    “Wargaming has said about the T67: “Panicking and frantically changing the outstanding vehicle doesn’t prove to look like a good idea.””

    For how long was it known that the T67 is overperforming? Since the Hellcat nerf?

  4. Wargaming will remove the gold price for gold rounds after Update 1.0 and make it where only silver/credit price is left.
    Anton Pankov corrected the initial statement where it was said it would be in Update 1.0, by saying this was an error and the gold price removal would happen in the update after 1.0.

    Dang it, wait another month or two for that change… fine… as long as it happens.

  5. They were planning to do something with chinese mediums, most notably T-34-2 and WZ-120, in 9.22, but for some reason postponed it

    T67 is utter BS, this vehicle has been OP since forever and theire excuses for not buffing it sounded rather lame

  6. First time ever they actually admit the gold rounds issue?

    ******s. This could have been fixed years ago.

    At least they might get round to it finally.

    The best way imo. Is to make different ammo types with different uses. more damage should be balanced by lower pen and vice versa. Losing less pen over distance can be balanced against shell normalisation. Shell speed can be balanced against both penetration and damage.

    This way there is no best ammo. And no need for ******ed armour schemes on tanks like Maus and type 5 for example. They can have weakspot to normal ammo too.

    Also in this situation it is not simply pick high pen ammo and win easily. You have to pick the shell that is right for the situation.

    The problem I see with this is that tanks with low pen for their tiers especially a lot of the lights and meds. Will get ****ed. Because WG hate these cl***es and will most likely make heavies even better against them. I just hope they find a good balance.

    But hey it’s WG. The community has learnt not to expect anything and you won’t be disappointed.

  7. you actually so right WG always buff tanks that needs to be nerfed……….
    They never touch T67, M44…..hahaahahahha……

    And arty in general the new mechanics makes no sense: one direct hit to my O-I only did about 100 dmg but a second shot from the same arty only splash near my O-I and did over 300 dmg!!!! Does this make any sense??? Or is it WG trying to promote arty drivers to try to be as less accurate as they can????

    Just imagine E25 meets tier IX…. (The removal of prem. MM)…… What change is WG thinking???

    Maybe give it the panther gun? but reduced rate of fire??? So what??? My panther only take 3 sec to reload….. A td same tier no turret should be slightly better than this so should be about the same op case of rate of ire???

    E25 is a tank hard to balance… (No sense if its firing slower than a same tier med using technically the same gun) should not exist in the first place just like Defender and all new comers in 9.22

  8. In my opinion the best solution to premium ammo is give all tank some weak spot and maked them virtually impenetrable if they can hide that weak spot. This way it brings the competitive play to the game and no one will care about premium ammo. Only downside is fighting another well played heavy tank will be boring and annoying as ****.

  9. I bought many premuim tanks based on their premium ammo specifications.For example the base pen of my T-44-100 and 112 is awful and I never would have bought those tanks without the premium.

    Are they allowed to nerf or change a premium tank that I paid real money for? Not according to consumer law in my country….

  10. “Adding Experience would be difficult and very confusing for the player.”

    Ask us! lazy ficks, ***ume they know everything about us….

  11. This is actually the third time they admit the gold ammo problem.

    Last two times actually, few month after admitting the problem, they just stopped talking about it as the problem didnt exist anymore. As a result, nothing was done.

  12. HAH!! All the bitching in the past and present about gold rounds and how they should be removed from the game, then WG turn around and pull the gold off of ’em and go “there ya go, no more gold rounds”…..gotta love those clever bastards sometimes XD

  13. I think they have completely lost touch with reality on the match maker. Lately, more and more people (including myself) do not even bother with tier 8 anymore. What is the point of bring a knife to a gun fight? Tier 8 is stuck into tier 10 battles over 90% of the time. The same goes with lower tiers. You are stuck as bottom tier a SIGNIFICANT amount of the battles. So it’s a pref MM tank or tier 10. I won’t even bother with my pref 8’s. They are absolutely out gunned and armored now with a load of new 8’s and most of the 9’s (which they are always in tier 9 battles). Every single person I know in game through my own clan, other clans, or friends I have made along the way are about done with the game. The vast majority of tanks we truly enjoyed playing have been made irrelevant or impossible to enjoy/use (being outcl***ed and out tiered all of the time). Now the game is just flat out boring, it’s either play tier 10 or a handful of pref 7’s and 5’s. Or just be cannon fodder/curb stomped in standard tanks or standard MM premium tanks. It doesn’t matter how strong of a player I am, I can not do a damn thing with any of my tier 8’s against S. Conq, 268V4’s, E100’s, or basically any of this extremely strong armor. Being a unicum doesn’t change my ammo or armor.

  14. It is very hard to get chevrons with arty – tried once this season and got lil bit over 4k dmg and 1k stun dmg on Paris (not so easy to get such numbers in city maps) and still had barely 10th place in final score. Havent tried it since.

  15. Wargaming has a higher revenue from players buying premium account and premium vehicles so they can afford premium ammo than players that buy gold to pay for premium ammo. This measure is just a smokescreen to make the players think that they are not making use of P2W mechanics.

  16. The only problem Wargaming has with premium/gold ammo is the issue players are making of it – Wargaming wants players to spend real money to buy premium ammo for but they have to hide that fact from the players.

  17. Medium tanks are obsolete in the current Type 5/Maus corridor gold spam meta.
    Good luck flanking with redlineTD’s that two-shot you.
    Now i see why 80% of tanks are HT’s.
    Also **** arty.

  18. who goes to type5/maus corddior in mediums? dude… dont trash spam if u are not sure what u are talking about,

  19. Second Scenario: Make premium ammunition available only for Gold again. Wargaming doesn’t like this at all and the idea is practically scrapped.

    thann GOD/ALLAH & BUHDA

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