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Developers Q&A: Crew Skills & Perks

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The third part of the World of Tanks Developers Q&A with the Russian Community Contributors and this article is about: Crew Skills and Perks.


Crew Skills & Perks

  • Right now it’s in the same way it was in 2012, but it’s very bad at the moment, as some perks are useful and the rest are just garbage, and obviously needs changing. Crews go from one tank to another (for example, Tiger I crew to the Tiger II) as the player grinds the line and suffers from it. And why do the crews lose the skill to drive one tank when they are retrained for another? ATM they are making a radical rework of the whole crew and perk system. Wargaming stated they “want to make it the most logical in the reality of the game and yet not contradict our own reality.” They also stated “We want to get rid of the situation where there are several “builds” for the crew, and when the skill amount reaches 5, those several become just one.” Crew Quarters (the Barracks) will definitely be changed, as they made it sound like they hate how it is currently. They will also:
    • Remove the trash from the interface
    • Remove the crew build predictability, but leave some of it.
    • Make space for creativity in terms of builds, but don’t bring too much perks in the game so they don’t confuse anyone. For example, you see an enemy T-62A – you should be able to understand what it can and can’t do. So for example you understand it may have from two to five different things in terms of crew skills, but you don’t know which ones and you’ll definitely find out as soon as you clash with it.
    • Definitely not 200 skills. It was made in 2012, and people have so much time put into those crew members, they need some “transfer” function to not upset anyone. Wargaming will definitely test that in 2018. Wargaming wants a new crew skill system with variability within reasonable limits, and a way to not hurt anyone, make proper transfers and let people know that 7 skill crew they had is still a very valuable crew in the new system. Apparently, people also want national perks, heroic perks, etc. Crew skills are basically the characteristics of the vehicle, so serious changes to them could pull behind them changes to equipment, consumables and the game balance as it is. They’d probably need to balance tanks with crew skills in mind as well, and we need to make it crystal clear of course, especially for the new players. Wargaming can’t say they will definitely release it in 2018, and they won’t release it until its ready, but they will test it in 2018. They wanted some changes to the crew like Crew 1.5 but in order to get Crew 2.0 done they scrapped all of that. Wargaming could allow nationality change for crew members for gold or a lot of silver, Wargaming doesn’t work on it now because we are busy with crew 2.0.
    • Wargaming will think of allowing changing of nations for girl crew for people who “misclicked”, but if it will be done, it will only be available once. The girls you received from New Year stuff will NOT live unrecruited long enough for you to be able to train them to Italian tanks. It’s possible they could make Sixth Sense to be available for everyone without skills, like in Blitz, like make it an in-build feature for the commander and remove it as a perk or heavily modify it. Wargaming said they will “release what we come to to Sandbox and will wait for your reviews.”
  • Remove XVM/ Cover your nickname or stats in battle?
    • Wargaming are not doing anything for covering nicknames, so that means it will not appear in 1-3 months, but they are aware of the problem. They are banning people for prohibited mods, and are also working for closing the client and most importantly from any third-party mods, with only WG-approved mods allowed.
  • Wargaming has been saying that for a long time, what stage is the work at?
    • Wargaming is working at the “WIndow” or “Showcase” this mod portal that will be available in the game centre, and the team is working on closing the game interface from third-party mods. They cannot, however, say when it will be done because it’s not an easy task. Most approved popular modpacks will definitely be in that mod catalogue (QB’s, Circonflexes, etc.). It’s very hard for the servers to handle “fog of war” in normal battles, and amount of battles there and in CW is incomparable. WG: “It was a thing we wanted to do once, but it’s not possible right now. Maybe we could do it for Ranked Battles, but it’s really hard technologically. If it was to be implemented, you would probably be able to see the amount of each class enemy has (how many artys or heavies) but you won’t know which ones.” They will have something interesting in May,  and in it, Wargaming will test complete removal of team damage (like on Console), if they can do it in time. We won’t test it in standard battles because it’s too controversial, and only in special events or modes. They also cannot remove stunning allies because it’s impossible technically.

15,466 thoughts on “Developers Q&A: Crew Skills & Perks

  1. “They also cannot remove stunning allies because it’s impossible technically.”

    WTF ???

    public void stun(Tank stunner, Location loc, double radius) {
    for (Tank t : game.getTanks() {
    if (loc.getDistance(t.getLocation()) < radius)
    if (t.getTeam() == stunner.getTeam()) return;
    else t.stun();

    Solved in 5 minutes, but accoring to WG its impossible…. gg

  2. “Remove the crew build predictability, but leave some of it.”

  3. Of course but like it is one if statement saying that it is impossible is just stupid. Sometimes wg makes ******ed statements.

  4. Wanted to type something like this myself as well haha. Yep it’s so easy, they simply lie, it wouldn’t be the first time, or simply the guy who gave answer has no clue how it works. Just use some tags to make difference jesus, it’s not rocket science…

  5. As an aerospace engineer I truly believe rocket science is easier than WGs bureaucracy. ..

  6. Perhaps I haven’t made myself clear, seeing as I was writing all of that on the spot as the Q&A stream went on(plus I was tired). Hoped that Harkonnen would edit that, but we have what we have I guess. What was meant is: remove the complete crew build predictability when you can say with 100% accuracy what build a sensible player will use on pretty much any tank, and yet don’t remove it completely, so people may see a tank and expect it to have one of the three variants of the possible builds instead of there being 200 available perks and no way to predict or even remember them.

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