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Daily Bounce Second Anniversary Giveaway

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List of Winners

World of Tanks

  • ZakManMetal
  • Jrf_Bilbao96 (No reply! Revoked)
  • marukata
  • denisyu2006
  • Rapicas
  • Robarrows (No reply! Revoked)
  • Furios_2015
  • tbence99
  • bob937655371
  • Ascales
  • VolkZad (Re-pick)
  • wencromel (Re-pick)

World of Warships

  • pacifichero45
  • siraly497
  • Nekkos
  • MadMainer
  • MTW112358
  • HDB2000
  • IntergalaktycznyCygan
  • danmh
  • trooper78
  • Shade1982

World of Tanks Console

  • St3rploxage
  • NeceFTW (No reply! Revoked)
  • LALA85
  • MasterBabby
  • Clonevlad
  • Ozziriq (No reply! Revoked)
  • diegosgm
  • ImSuperMLGClicker
  • tbence99
  • diegosgm (No reply! Revoked)
  • m249jim
  • price300395 (Re-pick)
  • Black_Widow_Ro (Re-pick)
  • john600hu (Re-pick)

It’s been almost two years since The Daily Bounce was created, on 30 May 2016! There are a few days left to go but, because I’ve been busy and will be quite busy over the next couple of weeks, I’ve decided to do one massive giveaway a few days before!

All readers, from all regions, will be able to participate as long as they want a World of Tanks PC, World of Warships or World of Tanks Console code! And not just one, I’ve will be giving away ten Global VIP Codes for each game! What are you waiting for, rules are simple, just enter with your name, email address and Wargaming account name and that’s it! Do the extra entries for more chances to win and you can participate in all three of them if you want!

All details are below, let the celebrations begin!

World of Tanks PC

Second Anniversary Giveaway

World of Warships PC

Second Anniversary Giveaway

World of Tanks Console

Second Anniversary Giveaway
Please Note
Winners will be announced in this same article and on The Daily Bounce official Discord server on 28 May 2018.
Terms & Conditions
  • Giveaway will run from 24 May 2018 at 19:00 (CET+1) to May 27 2018 at 19:00 (CET+1).
  • Participants must have a valid Wargaming account.
  • Participants must enter a valid name and email to be contacted.
  • Participants must complete all mandatory entries.
  • Participants aren’t required to complete any of the extra entries, but by doing so they acknowledge they will have fewer chances to win the prize.
  • The winners of the giveaway will be selected randomly and will be contacted by email.
    • In case the winner doesn’t reply to the email, a new winner can be randomly selected.
  • The owner of the giveaway can exclude any entry with a valid reason.
  • Any incomplete entry will be nullified.


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15,466 thoughts on “Daily Bounce Second Anniversary Giveaway

  1. Which of the tank giveaways is console and which is PC ? Or am I going blind ?

  2. Hey Harkonnen, I asume that the T-34-88 giveaway is for console since there is no T-34-88 on WOT PC. 🙂

  3. Congrats on 2 years!!! There is one thing that is a bit confusing, where it says “Participants aren’t required to complete any of the extra entries, but by doing so they acknowledge they will have fewer chances to win the prize”. Wouldn’t doing more entries give you a higher chance instead of a lower chance?

  4. No WOWP cookies? these days i am playing all world games but its ok, otherwise forum will be full of WOWP bots . Most of the time i find myself 1vs29 😀

  5. Congrats!
    Nice work! keep it up!
    and thanks for the nice giveaway!

  6. Will the email adress he used for anything apart from the confirmation if one wins?

  7. No. I don’t keep any information after I end the giveaway.

  8. Why not just put the winning emails or the nicknames ?? So strange that we dont see any winner say thank you. Just some gift for nobody trying to lure more peoples to this page.

  9. Hmm… I can’t share emails but the in-game names can be checked on my Discord server and on my Facebook page. I didn’t update the article yet, but will soon.

    As of the “lure more people”… bit of a big lol, as I do these giveaways to say thank you to all the support from readers, nothing else, and as Community Contributor I have nothing to earn to try and play “unfair” and “lure” people to the page. Also, Shade was one of the winners and it’s a regular here and there are people who publicly said they won:

  10. I said thanks by email, but happy to repeat it here – thanks for the steady stream of giveaways and for the prize this time around. Congrats on two years, and keep up the good work and positive tone (even when delivering criticism).

  11. hey Harkonnen, love your site!

    Im one of the winners of console but didnt recieve the email i could reply on. Just wondering, are you certain all mails went as they should? i missed out but im not mad about it, just curious. Congrats to the new winner 🙂

  12. Hi Ozziriq! Did the email end up in Junk? I’ve check and the email address was correct and I never got a bounce back.

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