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Supertest: Polish Tier X Medium CS-63

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Today, a representative of the new Polish branch, the CS-63, will try to make it through the closed Supertest. This Tier X medium has promising characteristics! Let’s take a closer look.

It’s armed with a 105 mm gun delivering alpha damage of 390 points. A standard AP round can penetrate 258 mm of enemy armour, while a special APCR can go through 315 mm. In 8.5 seconds, the gun is reloaded enabling you to cause even more damage. As for other parameters, the dispersion and the aiming times are 0.36 at 100 m and 2.3 seconds, respectively. Also, the gun sports decent stabilization values and the vehicle has a view range of 400 m.

Armor-wise, it’s quite an ordinary vehicle: its front armour plates are 260 mm thick, but mainly in the gun mask, while other areas have less protection. The hull’s protection is even weaker: 80 mm in the front, however, the armour plates are well-angled. Overall, the Pole’s hit points amount to 2000.

The best thing about the CS-63 is its mobility. The tank can move in two modes: standard and rapid. Switching between them causes dramatic changes in the vehicle’s dynamic characteristics. In standard mode, the maximum speed is 55 km/h, while when put in rapid mode, the Pole can hit 70 km/h. Also, with the rapid mode on, its engine reveals a whopping increase in power: from the standard 740 hp up to 1150 hp. While the dynamics increase in rapid mode, the performance of the gun suffers (the stabilization and the aiming time values decrease significantly) and the vehicle becomes more visible.

It should be noted that the impact produced by switching between modes is far from set in stone, and both the numerical values ​​and the characteristics might change.

To Sum it up, the CS-63 is a classic medium tank. It has a decent gun, mounted on a flexible, yet poorly armoured platform. However, putting the Pole in rapid mode allows for a much wider area of control over the map and expands the range of tactical options. In skilful hands this vehicle can perform to the utmost of its abilities.

2 thoughts on “Supertest: Polish Tier X Medium CS-63

    1. More like an STB-1 with worse DPM but faster. Accuracy on this thing doesn’t look great so it can’t snipe like the Leo and unlike the Leo it has turret armor.

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