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Convoy Event – Mode Details

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Hello everyone,

Details on how the new Convoy Event will be have been shared. Here’s a general view on what to expect. As per usual I’ve translated the following from WOT Express.

  • The Lanchester Armoured Car can only get into the Random Queue
  • The Lanchester Armoured Car can only get into the special map for the event
  • Players can create platoons, before they press battle. Players won’t be able to create dynamic platoons.
  • By default the Lanchester Armoured Car will have a special camouflage that matches each team, one that needs to protect the Mark I Tank, the other who needs to defend their base from the Mark I.
  • Players won’t be able to customize the Lanchester Armoured Car, “Appearance” will be locked.
  • Three new logos and four new inscriptions will be added to the game, so players can add them to normal/premium they have in their garage, for the normal gold/credits prices.
  • Players will be able to change their crew, equip the armoured car with equipments and conventional consumables.
  • Wargaming had to create a new physical model of movement just for the Lanchester Armoured Car.
  • Teams will have seven players on each side: attacking and defending.
  • For the attacking team, the Mark I Tank that is controlled by a bot, will have to reach and capture the enemy base.
  • The defending team will have to defend their base from the Mark I Tank. To do this, they will have to find a bomb, that will spawn in the map and then use it to blow the Mark I tracks.
  • The attacking team will be able to repair the Mark I broken tracks, using a repair kit that spawns in the map and take it to the tank.
  • The map has several bonus that can be used by players, one that increases the fire rate and other that kills an enemy with one shot.
  • If a player lose all the hitpoints the armoured car will explode and it will re-spawn again in the base.
  • A special user interface will be added where players will be able to see the current status of movement progress of the Mark I and base capture.
  • Each of the following reasons will result on win/defeat for the equivalent team:
    • Mark I didn’t reach the base and the team ran out of time.
    • Mark I was destroyed.
    • Mark I reached the base and captured.

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