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CONTRAS: Russian Players unite against Wargaming

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How will 30,000 players change Clan Wars?

Over 30,000 Russian players from various Clans, decided to create a movement called CONTRAS and unite against Wargaming. Their goal? To boycott the new Global Map Season.


Top Clans and Alliances from the Russian Server unhappy with the game development, in terms of the Global Map, created this movement and have already demanded to meet with Wargaming leadership and discuss perspectives for development of Clan Mode in game.

Vyacheslav Makarov, the new Head of Wargaming Office in Minsk, has already responded to the demands, requesting these players to send him all their suggestions, ideas and thoughts on how to improve the situation for Clan Mode. Makarov has also offered to meet up with the representatives of CONTRAS in person, at the end of July in Wargaming’s Minsk office.

How big is this movement and what will change?

When someone says 30,000 players created a movement against Wargaming, that might sound like it’s massive and it is in it’s how way.

30,000 players certainly are a lot of players, but do they represent the core of other players? Russian Server currently has over 3,161,000 active players, meaning 30,000 barely represents the core player base. But it does represents the core players who play Clan Wars.

The movement itself is unique and has no precedents, for the first time a massive group of players have come together in an organized manner, with the objective of creating an impact and change the game.

The movement is currently in contact with several EU Server clans, in an attempt to expand it to other Servers. It has been announced that today, July 11th, an English version of the video “CONTRAS” will be published.

But, will other things change with this movement? Most probably nothing will change as quickly, mainly because this movement is focused on Clan Mode. None the less it could be the start of a new era in the game, where players do create a massive impact in particular areas of the game, by coming together and presenting ideas and suggestions in an organized way.

What do you think? Do you agree that a movement like this, has more impact than just a rant in the forums? Should players organize in order to get their voice heard?



15,466 thoughts on “CONTRAS: Russian Players unite against Wargaming

  1. Sounds good but no matter how many of you there are and how well presented and organised, you are still dealing with WG here…might as well try talking sense into a brick wall sometimes…

  2. And this is the kind of attitude that gets you nothing but loss. You have to take action even if you belive it won’t change anything. You might be surprised of the result. Also it’s better than just sitting on your *** and waiting for them/someone else to do stuff that benefits you too. Or did you forget the chinese guy who stopped an entire collumn of tanks on his own some years ago?? He probably though he will die run over but the end result was quite the opposite.

  3. I think it’s just a case of players being greedy. Sincerely, it has always been this way around CWs – small clans want more for less effort, big clans want more safety, so they don’t fight the small ones. And both try to hide it behind nice words (“Everyone should compete” and “The best should compete against each other only” and such), but eventually it all means the same – our clan wants more gold for less effort.

  4. I’ve played CW for about 4 years, and I can say that the amount of gold a player gets for the effort he needs to do… It’s not worth it. Just like the Clan Wars Tanks, spending 6 weeks, from 7Pm to 10PM, no time for wife, kids or go out, just to get a tank. Wargaming needs to rethink this things, and I had two conversations about this with Thaine. They can’t make people spend so much time in the game for such small rewards, but you do have a point there: all clans wants something for less effort. While small clans want to have the same things as big ones, big ones don’t want to compete with small ones. A bit like football leagues, why an amateur team should be able to get the same as a professional?!

  5. It surprises me they only get together because of clan wars. Of all things which could be better, that one is what gets these people moving? Strange.

  6. If they could also address the other issues of the game along with their CW demands, that would be nice…

  7. This is why I don’t play Clan Wars despite having so much time in the game. I tried it and It’s too much like work. If I want gold I can get a second job and buy it for less effort. The Tier 10 premiums are underwhelming, too. I’d much rather play ranked battles, or not, and be able to walk away from the computer when my family needs something. I platoon with clan mates all the time and that’s enough. I’d rather play the game on my own terms. I’m happy Wargaming has put some effort into having more endgame content that doesn’t involve putting in too much time for so little reward.

  8. Make people come together? Have you seen the amount of Defenders and Patriots and Chryslers in the battlefield in any given mode?
    I barely play tiers 6, 7 and 8 now. Tier 9 is usually reserved for full gold T54.

  9. I never said anything about the effort. I’ve already joined contras fyi. I make forums posts regularly. I am in a training clan that takes in noobs and teaches them. I do plenty thanks.

    All I was saying is…WG is WG…dealing with them is almost impossible sometimes.

  10. what about not playing the game at all? 😀 i can ***ure you that you will have a better life.

  11. Great idea. Something should be attempted. Last season’s clan wars were a joke. They must try and listen to the fan base and ban all hacks as well!

  12. Perhaps i’m bit slow but why on earth some players not playing would change anything? o.O
    You sound like if trying to make a revolution.
    So how does that work? 10 players wants to do clanwars, but clan leaders promises to throw them out of clan if they dont agree? I cant believe its that easy to control everyone in Russia. o.O
    And if those clans truly ignore CW season than the ones playing will just have entire map.

  13. All clans involved were active during last season. So these are 300 active clans that play CW, not just 300 social clans 😉

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