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Conqueror and Caernarvon New Turrets

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Hello everyone,

Some of you might have heard of Aleksander Galevskyi, some might not. He is a Lead Artist at IGG Minsk. His work has been shared around before on different blogs when he released the Panzer 58, Lowe, KV-4 Krestlavskyi and others.

Source: Aleksander Galevskyi

Recently he has shared two works that caught my attention, the Caernarvon and the Conqueror. The reason why they caught my attention was the fact they had new turrets.

Starting with the Caernarvon, it looks like the gunshield/mantle will be replaced with +300mm one, the rest of the turret remains the same. This means Wargaming has plans to remove the unhistorical Centurion Action X Turret and replace it with this new one.

Now the most interesting one, the Conqueror. It seems the “Super Conqueror” turret has been modelled for the game. The “Super Conqueror” was not a real project, it’s just a common name given to the up armoured Conqueror fitted with 20mm armour plates in the turret and 14mm on the hull, that would be fitted to the Conqueror if the Soviets ever crossed the inner German border.

The “Super Conqueror” has been rumoured to be a replacement for the FV215b, but other alternatives have been given to it. Overlord for example has suggested that this turret could be the new elite turret, allowing the current elite turret to be the stock turret.

Also the fact that the artist put the name “Conqueror” on the pictures and the missing hull armour plates, suggest this won’t be the “Super Conqueror” that everyone was hopping to be a Tier X tank. That said, it could also mean the introduction of the “Super Conqueror” as a Tier X, and the Tier IX Conqueror getting a new elite turret.

My believe is that Update 9.18 will be an interim update, where we will get several changes and rebalances, like the new German mini branch and maybe these changes to the British heavies. What you readers think?

15,466 thoughts on “Conqueror and Caernarvon New Turrets

  1. If the Conqueror will have that new turret, will the FV215b also get it? Would be nice to have spaced armor around those turret cheeks. And let’s remember the FV215b hasn’t gotten a HD upgrade yet.

  2. I don’t know. Not much is know about this. Not sure if they will implement it on the tier 9 conqueror or if they will actually replace the FV215b. Once I get more information I’ll share it.

  3. On an unrelated topic, just wanted to say how much i, and im sure a lot of others, appreciate the effort you put in this blog, really its a worthy successor to FTR. Keep it up mate!

  4. Just a quick note. Great topic just check your language use – cough vs caught…

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