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Common Test 1.4: New Emblems & Customization

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World of Tanks Update 1.4 won’t just bring new French wheeled vehicles, but will also bring some new cool customization option, emblems and badges.

New Customization: Numbers

A great new addition with Update 1.4 will be the ability to add numbers to a tank. Players have been long asking for this and finally, you will be able to paint your tank with your favourite tactical number. Customization will cost 50 Gold and can be sold by 10,000 Credits, but there are some limitations, the colour can’t be changed and some numbers can’t be added, like for example, 000, 148, 228, 488, 666 and 911.

There will be four different styles available to pick, standard smooth, stencil smooth, standard sharp and stencil sharp. Players will be able to enter three digits in their vehicle, so you aren’t limited to any pre-selected numbers.

New Emblems

Fifteen new emblems will be introduced with Update 1.4, where twelve seem to be related to the Chinese New Year. The Kangaroo emblem is part of the Australia Day style and players will have to buy the style to get it.

New Badges

Four new badges will also be added and seem to be related to Clan War event Soldiers of Fortune, first one, and the other three to winners of tournaments.

15,466 thoughts on “Common Test 1.4: New Emblems & Customization

  1. Can’t use 666?


    “Welcome to Hell” and this would be nice.

  2. what is wrong with those numbers we cant use? i mean i get that we cant use 911 since america is still sad about it, but what is wrong with those other numbers?

  3. Some might be to do with Russian server and similar reasons to NA 911. Still, it’s numbers, not sure why they have to block and bring all the “political correctness” to the game over some numbers.

  4. no 666, no deal.
    666 would probably get most players spending on these customizations. cl***ic WG fail.

  5. Some of them I dunno, but pretty much anything with 14, 88, or 1488 could be viewed as a neonazi iconography (the 88 is probably the most infamous, as H is the eight letter in latin alphabet. Thus 88 stands for HH, and for neonazis it is code for “Heil Hitler”)

  6. I know those combinations are blocked on CIS (Russia) not sure yet if they are on other region. CT is up ATM I think, so time to test 🙂

  7. They still can use the Number of the Beast to be bundled as part of the “Style from Hell”… thus trying to get even more money (you know… fiery camo, inverted pentagrams, 666 on the sides, Iron Maiden’s Eddie in driver’s hatch, Lemmy Kilmister in his Motörhead attire as a commander…) 😀

  8. Nice idea. Not sure about censoring certain numbers.
    BUT, >>>STILL<<< no English, Scottish, Welsh or Northern Ireland Flags.
    Certainly the Welsh, Scots, and N.Ireland gamers would prefer to fight under those flags than the Union Flag (the Union JACK would only be applicable to WoWS – read up for the difference)
    Also if we’re censoring numbers then 18 should be on there – 1 = A, 8 = H

  9. February 28th m***acre in Taiwan.

    Meanwhile, you’re free to put (Unit) 731 on your tank because da, not prosecuted for war crimes even though they should’ve been.

  10. For those asking about 148 228 and 448, from my research they have religious meaning, mostly Christian Angels, but this is from a brief internet search.

  11. If you look carefully, just about any number could be banned for seemingly valid reasons. It’s plain silly to ban numbers. Sure, nazi scum will go ’88’, but there are probably any number of number cominations out there available to them. It’s really just a matter of convention. If they decide upon ’64’ as the new ’88’, are we going to see ’64’ banned as well? There is just no end to it.

  12. A bit “meh”…

    If they want to make some cash they should add stuff from the the custom car scene
    – Emblems like flames, scallops, more skulls, moon eyes, woodpecker etc.
    – Custom wheels/rims like chrome, gold, mags, and so on.
    – Stripes of all kinds like fords over the car, pepita stripes, le mans stripes…

    I almost forgot the clan flags, i would like to put my clan badge all over; as decal and as turret emblem.
    And it would be neat to have the clan flags on the antennas!

    I would open my wallet for that 😉
    Would love to have chrome wheels on a black T54mod1 with flames on the side 😉

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