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Common Test 1.4: French Wheeled Vehicles

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Update 1.4 will bring a brand new branch of French vehicles to the game: Armoured Cars. Classed as Light Tanks the new branch will feature five vehicles, but two Premium vehicles will also be introduced to the game: AM 39 Gendron-Somua and Panhard EBR 75 FL10.

Players will have to start their grind at Tier V with the AMX ELC so they can get the first wheeled vehicle, Panhard AMD 178B at Tier VI, followed by the Hotchkiss EBR at Tier VII, Panhard AML Lynx 6×6 at Tier VIII, Panhard EBR 90 at Tier IX and Panhard EBR 105 at Tier X.

I was able to get an exclusive 3D preview ready for all of you before the release of the Common Test.

Tier II: AM 39 Gendron-Somua

It’s still unclear if the vehicle will be a gift from Wargaming or not, but all Tier II usually are. It will be a nice introduction to wheeled vehicles, so players can test and learn how these new vehicles perform before they start their grind.

Tier VI: Panhard AMD 178B

The first vehicle in the tech-tree will be the Panhard AMD 178B, modified with a bigger FL1 turret and a 75 mm SA 45/32 gun. Experience Cost: 32,030 XP

Tier VII: Hotchkiss EBR

At Tier VII players will see the Hotchkiss EBR. The three-axis vehicle was developed in 1949 and one prototype was presented, but after testing it was rejected. The project was cancelled and the vehicle wasn’t preserved. Experience Cost: 61,800 XP

Tier VIII: Panhard AML Lynx

The correct designation of the vehicle is Panhard ERC-90 Lynx, the Tier VIII vehicle is a four-wheeled drive on a six-wheel chassis, armoured with a low velocity CN90 F1 90 mm gun. Experience Cost: 104,400 XP

Tier IX: Panhard EBR 90

In the early 1960s, the Panhard EBR was equipped with a new FL 11 turret and a more powerful 90mm gun. Any vehicles who didn’t receive the new upgrade were decommissioned by the French army. Experience Cost: 191,800 XP

Tier X: Panhard EBR 105

The last vehicle players will be able to get is the Panhard EBR 105, the vehicle didn’t exist not even in paper. It features a powerful 105mm gun, a reinforced chassis and can reach 105 km/h, becoming the fastest vehicle in World of Tanks. Experience Cost: 230,000 XP

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  1. I wish they add the M1128 MGS at some point, but I guess it would be a too modern vehicle.

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