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Common Test 1.4.1: Random Rewards

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With Update 1.4.1, Wargaming will be introducing Random Rewards. As the name suggests, these will drop with a certain probability when playing Tier V-X vehicles. They will be awarded for a strong performance in battle, so the more effective your actions and the higher you are in your team by experience earned (top 3, top 5, etc.), the more likely you are to get a Random Reward. After each battle in which you could, but didn’t receive a Reward, the probability of getting one in the next battle increases.

What exactly are these Randon Rewards and what you can get inside them?

  • Consumables
  • Credits
  • Bonds
  • Blueprints
  • And some more

In your Garage there will be a special “probability indicator” that displays the chance of getting a Random Reward. It will be implemented as a special icon with three gradations, each of which shows the probability of receiving a Reward in future battles. When you receive a Random Reward the probability is reset and the process repeats. The probability of receiving Random Rewards is influenced not only by your actions but also by your behaviour on the battlefield. If you break the game rules, then your probability of receiving a Random Reward for a given battle won’t increase.

There will be 2 types of Random Rewards: small and large. The first four rewards you earn will be small and the fifth will be large and of course, the contents of a large reward will be more valuable. Random Rewards do not accumulate and open immediately upon receipt at the end of a battle.

6 thoughts on “Common Test 1.4.1: Random Rewards

  1. bullshit reward,this will make players too play more solo (too make lot of damage) or too use cheats ..nothing good 🙁

    1. I wonder how some people get to a conclusion as retarded as this one every time WG makes something good, it’s a complete mystery to me. My advice: uninstall and go away.

    2. A new idea is a few hours old and immediately ‘bullshit’ Wot has its problems but one of the biggest is the tide of angry negative players in it. If everything around the game is ‘bullshit’ or ‘sucks’ – don’t bother with it, plenty of other things to do out there.

      As for the patch itself. Couple of interesting ideas, random rewards will be useful for free to play players and also might be a way WG can work on things in the game ie rewarding good players but also cutting back on players who suicide scout to death in the first minute, crash or drown themselves or commit team damage?

      Blueprints are also an interesting way of helping in grinds. Probably a bit random to really help but might be the start of new type of ‘mini game’ within WoT. Maybe a type of trading game similar to the shards at Christmas? If you get a pile of blueprints for tanks you already unlocked can they be traded or exchanged for other things in game-equipment, consumables or a blueprint for a tank you really want?

      Have Fun

  2. I have researched all the tanks so what do I get when I get blueprints . I hope they figure a reward for players who have gotten all the tanks .

    1. its probably gonna be “universal” blueprint that can be used anywhere.

    2. Wargaming will eventually add more tank lines and those blueprints will be able to be used then

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