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Circon – Opinions on Tier IX Light Tanks

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Hello everyone,

We all know about the upcoming changes to Light Tanks and the move of four Tier VIII one tier up. Circon has published a video with a review of the new Tier IX and his opinion about them that is worth check. Don’t forget to visit his Youtube and Twitch channel and subscribe.

15,466 thoughts on “Circon – Opinions on Tier IX Light Tanks

  1. Useless. Cheap and easy, only useful to those who are illiterate. Worse than useless, really, because Circon does not even manage to deliver a consistent argument. It is af he sees these values for the first time and changes his thoughts with regards to the pen values during the ‘review’. If you rehash stuff that anybody could have read by now, at least analyze it properly:

    – outline changes;
    – make a useful comparison between tanks IN ONE SCREEN (!);
    – pay some attention to the very real consequences to organized play;
    – pay some attention the buff in hp vs general downgrades to gun performances: this is SB stuff we did NOT like, so WG is, despite all they said, ignoring the feedback on the first SB test phase.

  2. No edit, sadly, and my weird dyslectic thing cought me unawares: ‘is af’ should, of course, be ‘as if’. (Be glad I didn’t write this entire post with letters swapped around. It has happened to me, before. My first name is Wim and I happily sign my work with Miw without seeing the difference.)

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