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Chrysler K GF – Available on NA Server

Hello everyone,

Chrysler K GF is now available on NA Server, and if you want my short answer to “Should I buy it or not?”: YES!

This tank is a monster and it will be something to talk about in the next few weeks… You can get the tank from $41.99.

Chrysler K GF

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  1. Sorry to disapoint you but this tank is full trashmode. 198 pen with 200mm lower plate. Ohh, and 100mm sides. Have fun sidescrape with this shit.

    1. If you sidescrape at 90′ of course that is a trash…how many matches did you have played in it great player to say that is a trash? Just because it has 198 pen? For players like you it is the 2 button and magic…you have 260 pen so you can autoaim everything on tier 8 and even above…but hey the doctor said not to buy it…

  2. Its only a balanced tank, no monster. U get easily penetrated if ur overangle ur tank and this comes fast… and everyone with 217+ Pen is able to pen the lowerplate. So its only a balanced tank, i will buy it. I like him very much since i saw him first time.

  3. GG to promote the selling of a tank that is literally killing the game. Even more OP than the Defender (see explanations by the Mighty Jingle and other recent videos).

  4. I own it. It is just a balanced tank. OK it has armor but a low pen canon. If you fire gold round you don’t make any money … and if you fire normal round you do not pen the enemy .. so no credits again.
    Why did I buy it? .. honestly fellas it remind me the batmobile with that logo at the front lol !!!

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