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Chrysler K GF – Available on NA Server

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Hello everyone,

Chrysler K GF is now available on NA Server, and if you want my short answer to “Should I buy it or not?”: YES!

This tank is a monster and it will be something to talk about in the next few weeks… You can get the tank from $41.99.

Chrysler K GF

15,466 thoughts on “Chrysler K GF – Available on NA Server

  1. Sorry to disapoint you but this tank is full trashmode. 198 pen with 200mm lower plate. Ohh, and 100mm sides. Have fun sidescrape with this ****.

  2. If you sidescrape at 90′ of course that is a trash…how many matches did you have played in it great player to say that is a trash? Just because it has 198 pen? For players like you it is the 2 button and magic…you have 260 pen so you can autoaim everything on tier 8 and even above…but hey the doctor said not to buy it…

  3. Its only a balanced tank, no monster. U get easily penetrated if ur overangle ur tank and this comes fast… and everyone with 217+ Pen is able to pen the lowerplate. So its only a balanced tank, i will buy it. I like him very much since i saw him first time.

  4. You know, is3 for example has only 90 mm side armor ?

  5. GG to promote the selling of a tank that is literally killing the game. Even more OP than the Defender (see explanations by the Mighty Jingle and other recent videos).

  6. I own it. It is just a balanced tank. OK it has armor but a low pen canon. If you fire gold round you don’t make any money … and if you fire normal round you do not pen the enemy .. so no credits again.
    Why did I buy it? .. honestly fellas it remind me the batmobile with that logo at the front lol !!!

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