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Chinese Tank Destroyers on Supertest

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Hello everyone,

And today we got some very strange news from World of Tanks Asia… They announced the Chinese Tank Destroyer branch is now entering Supertest.

Anton ‘Evilly’ Pankov has confirmed before these would be an exclusive for the Chinese Server and other Regions wouldn’t receive these vehicles, but it seems Wargaming might have changed their minds. Here’s more details about them and some pictures.

Update #1

IMPORTANT: Chinese branch of Tank Destroyers will only be available for Chinese Region. Wargaming RU has confirmed this.

Chinese TD of Tier VIII and IX: WZ120-1G FT and WZ120G FT On Tier VIII there will be a compact and mobile vehicle, armed with 122 mm gun. The vehicle of Tier IX is armed with 130 mm gun with alpha damage as 560. By their gameplay these TDs will be similar to their analogues from other trees. (Russian Tank Destroyers)

Source: World of Tanks Asia Facebook


15,466 thoughts on “Chinese Tank Destroyers on Supertest

  1. These might be BS machines but as something of a TD specialist I’d be a liar if I didn’t say i was interested, even if I might prefer the more documented line shown on “Status Report.”

  2. I’m sure the whole Chinese line was supposed to be Chinese server only.

  3. Evilly said that… Now these show up on WOT Asia Facebook page… Strange, still could be a chinese thing, but usually they don’t publish things for the chinese server, its a different “company”.

  4. Yeah I remember when we first saw pics about chinese tanks wg said the same of being chinese server exclusive, but they changed their minds. I hope the same happened now too because I would like to have a finished chinese and japanese tech tree too with the missing cl***es after all these years.

  5. I really don’t understand the point in keeping them only in Chinese server if they are going to make them anyway. What is idea behind it? Would more tanks equal more playing, more cold camos, crew training, more spent free XP, etc…?

  6. Then make the American line exclusive to the NA server….
    If that’s how you are going to play it.

  7. Well, the company controlling the chinese server (i.e. not WG) has slightly different goals in what they want to achieve in gameplay. That company has no problems inventing completely fake machines and WG still likes to keep up the charade of doing things ‘as historically as possible’…

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