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Check Me Out: Im_A_Bob WoT

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World of Tanks Community is full of good Youtubers and Streamers, from mega stars to the ones just a few of us know about. These smaller Contributors are the ones who need the most help, and Check Me Out chronicles was created to help these Contributors.

Im_A_Bob WoT – Learn Tactics with the Best

Are you looking into improving your map tactics? Either to help your clan or to just know how more experienced players play? Im_A_Bob WoT videos are one of the best for this. Educational, loads of information and a very easy step by step on how and why things are done.

It’s all about Map Control, one of the most underrated skills in World of Tanks. I don’t know why, but a lot of World of Tanks players don’t really know how to use or understand map control, how this can make a team win or lose a match.

Im_A_Bob WoT channel will be the perfect place for you to learn and master this skill. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit his channel and subscribe.

15,466 thoughts on “Check Me Out: Im_A_Bob WoT

  1. Frankly what i see about “experienced players” is that they all play Obj 907. So i dont find that interesting. I would have loved some sort of tactical guides for normal players, tho

  2. Hello, I just wanted to reply to this 🙂 I understand the 907 is better then the standard Russian mediums however I focus more on how the tactics and later the positioning that can win a game. The tanks in many of my replays aren’t that relevant, for example in the GO-IN vs FAME replay it would hardly matter whether GO-IN had decided to use Object 140s or 907s as it was the positioning that got them the win rather then the 907s, of course these players if they have the 907 will use the 907 as it can be an advantage in very close games, but often it wont make much difference if the tactics are good. Referring more to wanting guides for normal players I do try to use a lot of replays that I am sent from all kinds of clans, for example the game against D3S has only 1 907 out of all 30 tanks and the clans have 1.3k-1.5k wn8 which is just above average but for clan wars and strongholds is pretty much average, they used an aggressive tactic to prevent a full heavy camp by using fast heavies. Basically my point is that 907s don’t usually make a difference as long as you have similar tanks to replace them such as 140s. (Sorry for replying with a full essay but wanted to explain my point, if you have any questions please reply :D)

  3. Thanks for the reply. I did appreciate the positioning explanation, i’m more or less wondering if anything seen in this sort of videos can be applied to random battles. If you or someone else has been creating some “educational” videos about general tactics in random battles per maps, i think it would be a good idea to promote them, speaking toward the player base and then to the unicums. I understand this kind of videos is right now targeted toward clan battles.
    I hope my post sounds more like a polite request than pure criticism, thank you to anyone reading this.

  4. Maybe I can try it, take a few replays playing for example, a medium on the same map and hopefully doing a similar thing different circumstances will come and I could show how to react to each one 🙂 (may take a while to get the luck of the same maps tho :D)

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