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Charity Event: 8 Paws for the Soul

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Militracks 2019 was a very special event for me this year. Aside from being the first time I was able to attend, I had the opportunity to meet some of you and one particular person will always be in my mind, Fallen13. This kind fellow had to fight shyness to even talk with me, and all he wanted was to ask my help for a charity event. Every year, he and his friend Zhenwu, they organize a charity event called Paws for the Soul. The aim is to collect some money to help Horst-Schmidt-Clinic in Wiesbaden so they can train a dog that used to help palliative patients.

This year all the money will be used to help the therapy dogs of Ivana Seger. The mission of these dogs is to bring joy and comfort, to convey closeness, warmth and distraction, as well as to create a situation which has nothing to do with fear, worries or sorrows. Their mission is quite important for these patients, from children to senior people, they help them and their families in such hard times of their lives.

The event will run from 15 November 2019 to 6 December 2019, where several streamers will hold special streams dedicated to 8 Paws for the Soul. In these streams, special giveaways will be held, and some very special rewards can be earned:

  • Sabaton CD’s signed by the band;
  • World of Warships Bismark poster signed by Sabaton;
  • World of Warships Plush-Torpedo;
  • Epic World of Warships Code with four different Black Premium ships;
  • World of Warships VIP codes signed by Dasha;
  • A World of Warships t-shirt signed by Dasha;
  • World of Tanks Premium Account days;
  • A Tier VII Premium Tank of your choice;
  • World of Tanks Bretagne Panther codes with 2,500 Gold and 7 Days Premium signed by Richard ‘Challenger’ Cutland.
  • And much more yet to announce.

How can you participate? That is simple, join one of the streams below on the announce days, and just participate.

World of Tanks:

World of Warships:

World of Warplanes:

Quite simple isn’t it? What is also simple, is for you to donate something to this great cause, if you can of course. In case you would like to help out and make a donation, just click the button below.

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