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Bourrasque Marathon: Review And Guide

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New Marathon is finally here, and the brand new Bat-Chatillon 12t mle 54, or Bat-Chat Bourrasque is a reward anyone can earn for free. Your marathon, your choice: the Missions for Commitment are for the casual players with a lot of free time, meanwhile the Missions for Mastery are aimed to the experienced players and will make the grind for the Tier VIII medium tank powerhouse easier and faster as long as you are a great and consistent Tier X tank player. Mission is too hard? Both mission types are interchangeable, which gives you more chances to complete a marathon stage.

I have compiled the previous marathons’ and Bourrasque marathon rewards and missions into a spreadsheet, you can find it here.

The grind

Compared to previous marathons, the missions for commitment are just that tiny bit easier with 6,000 less base XP needed to finish all 10 stages and obtain the main reward. As you have 10 days to complete 10 stages, you will need to earn at least 24,500 base XP per day. As a consistent player, you will need at least 40 battles per day to complete this marathon.

Missions for mastery is a whole another story, however. The missions are somewhat easy to doable on the early and mid-stages, meaning a player with decent skill will be able to complete at least 7 stages without too much of a hassle. However, the last 3 missions are quite hard and will require specialized Tier X tanks and knowledge to successfully complete.

And remember, you can complete either of the missions, meaning it might be easier to just complete a Mission for Mastery for a stage and a Mission for Commitment at another. It’s up to you to pick what will be the best for you.

Is the grind worth it?

The Bourrasque is a Tier VIII medium tank with a dual shot autoloader that has great burst damage but relatively long reload and horrendous gun handling to compensate. The vehicle also functions very similarly to a light tank: it has no armour but mobility and speed are unmatched by any medium tank at the tier. Good news aren’t over: the tank has great hidden gun soft stats which puts the tank inline with high tier Soviet medium tanks and not far from the T-100LT.

If you are a player who enjoys fast tanks with massive burst damage and can pick his battles carefully and plan his approach and accomplish a successful getaway, you will be one of the most frightening forces at Tier VIII.

How to get the Bourrasque for free or with a big discount?

If you are a casual player and don’t play to perform well – stick to commitment missions. Pick any vehicle you have mastered and perform the best in, and grind the event every day. By the end of the event, you can get yourself at least 50% discount for a great Tier VIII medium tank.

If you are a veteran player, you likely don’t need a guide like this, but I will give some advice for the harder to complete missions. For damage missions, you will need a tank capable of frontline combat for the best chance to complete this mission. Soviet heavy tanks such as IS-7, Object 277, Object 279(e), reward tanks like Object 907, Chieftain and heavy damage dealers like T110E3 or Object 268 V4 will be optimal choices to complete this mission. However, on some maps, even tanks with support playstyle will prove to be competitive.

For the Top 1 of base XP missions, pick the strongest tanks you own. Reward tanks are optimal here, as these are the strongest tanks at Tier X. From there, pick your fights and try to have as much battle participation: damage, tank kills, cap points, assistance damage as possible.


The event is quite good this time around. Some missions will make the player break a sweat, however, they are well balanced to allow even the below than average players have a shot at completing the event for free. With a nice balance of easy to complete, challenging and time-consuming missions, with a good reward tank waiting at the end of the tunnel, this marathon is something worth to consider.

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  1. horrendous gun handling
    great hidden gun soft stats

    So how’s the gun handling in the end?

  2. Great at short range, but mediocre at long range, overall can sometimes miss shots but it’s pretty enjoyable. I suggest Skill4ltu’s review, he called it his “new favourite”.

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