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Black Market: What We Know About It…

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If you are new in World of Tanks, you might have heard, or not, about the Black Market and wonder what it is. Well, that is simple, it’s an event where for 7 days you will have two deals per day that might interest you for Gold or Credits.

These deals are usually Premium vehicles or rare ones with straight prices, like 5,000 Gold, or 8,000,000 Credits, or can be auctioned with a minimum bid. Of course, these deals are limited in numbers, always changing depending on the vehicle.

Black Market instantly became a popular event, with players constantly asking when the next one is going to be and this leaves a lot of margin for fake leaks or speculation about lists of vehicles that might come.

Today, WOT Express published a small picture with a comment from the official World of Tanks RU profile, joking the Russian championship starts on the 26th of February. Of course, this leads to a lot of posts and information saying the Black Market is coming on that day, but I don’t think that date is correct.

The first Black Market event started on Thursday, 23 May 2019 and it lasted seven days and the second Black Market event started on Thursday, 6 February 2020, lasting for seven days. February 26 is on a Friday…

Of course, this doesn’t mean the date is totally wrong, maybe it’s a hint and we could say it could start on Thursday, 25 February. But could it really be? If we look again at last year calendar, the event started on 6 February, ended on the 12 February and on the 21 February the Bourrasque marathon started… So, if we get a marathon more to the end of February 2021, we can’t get the Black Market at the same time.

I believe the Black Market if it comes this month, will be on one of these dates:

  1. From 4 February until 10 February;
  2. From 11 February until 17 February.
  3. From 18 February until 24 February.
  4. From 25 February until 3 March.

Remember, these dates are my assumptions, I strongly believe we will see the Black Market on one of those dates because if we get the Chinese 122 TM medium tank marathon, it will either be between 12 to 21 February or  19 February to 1st of March. Update 1.12 is coming early March, most likely 3 or 4 March, leaving no other dates for the Black Market event.

Please remember, I have no way of confirming the above information, this is me purely speculating based on previous calendars and knowing Wargaming does follow a pattern when it comes to events.

What do you think? Is the Black Market something you are looking for too? Could it possibly come this early or maybe Wargaming will wait for later in the year? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.


15,466 thoughts on “Black Market: What We Know About It…

  1. They’ll wait for later when content is getting dry unfortunately I think…
    Keeping dates of this event secret is fine but they already released a ”Monthly Run-Down” with no Black Market mentioned. Imagine saving for months and then missing a crucial ‘once-a-year’ deal because WG said its not on this month and you missed it because of that.


  2. Have there been any leaks for what might be sold on the Black Market this year?

  3. We have 4th of february and still any info about BM. I think it will start end of February, 25 is more probably date.

  4. The Black Market is never mentioned anywhere, usually it the day before or in the actual day.

  5. actually there was a hint by the official wg vk account for the 26th of Feb.

  6. It’s not a hint, it’s a sarcastic comment that people think its a hint…

  7. According to a recent leak, we will have a marathon between 12 and 22 February for the chinese medium 122TM. So, 25 February is prolly the correct date for Black Market.

  8. I think it will start at the end of February and I also think that there will be FV215B 183. And I want to ask that it will be reasonable to sell all the tanks except the premiums and level ten because of the dead star.

  9. No, it’s not worth spending so many credits if you don’t already have them “spare”… The tank isn’t that great, its OK, but not that special.

  10. About 2 months ago the offers were leaked (no guarantees though…)
    – Renegade
    – Type-62
    – Object 703 Type II
    – 105 leFH18B2 (french tier 5 arty)
    – TL-1LPC
    – M4A10 FL10
    – Object 274a
    – IS-2M
    – T78
    – A-32 (Super rare! Never seen it for sale in my 9 years in game!)
    – Senlac
    – Strv 81 (Primo Victoria without clown camo)
    – T-103
    – Bourasque

  11. That leak was fake as fake news… lol I even mention it in the article.

  12. What do you mean not that special?! That tank is AWESOME! Alright, it’s definitively not a tank to grind credits with but he who cares! Who doesn’t wanna hit a 60TP for 2000 hp dmg 😀

  13. You already can, rarely, with the FV 4005… This one is just a more armoured, slower and less turret traverse version of it… Not worth it to be honest, unless you are a hardcore collector.

  14. I think with the Crew 2.0 disaster that is going on right now, we won’t be seeing the Black Market event for a while. There is a lot of players stating they will protest or out right stop playing the game, if War Gaming doesn’t make changes. If wargaming was to loose a percentage of the player base do to this update, they may be more inclined to hold of until they can come up with a resolution. The Black Market event is like any other direct market campaign, and is purely there to be a cash cow, and that’s okay.

    War Gaming will most certainly hold this event, until they are certain, they will have full player support for Crew 2.0. They will not push this event out if there is a chance they will miss the projected sales figures.

  15. They were guesses anyway, based on what WOT Express leaked and previous year! No worries, will come soon.

  16. what is going on with black market? any news? 3.march is close… what are the ods?

  17. many “rare” premiums that would’ve been a good fit for the black market before have recently been available in the premium shop: e-25, BT-SV, skorpion g, even T-28E with F-30
    the 105 LEFH18B2 is in the premium shop, now, & many people think it is OP at that tier & shouldn’t even be available via black market because it can be so OP with a good player.
    just seems like there are very few possible black market tanks that will be that “rare” since wot has been cashing in on the “rare” premiums recently.

    the only previously “rare” premium wot hasn’t pimped out in the premium shop is the Type 59, & that’s just so they can pimp out a gold Type 59 in the black market for insane auction bids with people bidding $300+ for it.

    With 2 black market offers a day, I’m guessing there may be two or three actual “rare” tanks that have previously only been available on certain servers or that have been developed but not yet released, & most offers will be crap & they’ll have a lot of offers that are simply tanks that come with special skins for tanks so people pay again for tanks they already own

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