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Black Market 2021: A Warehouse Full of Goodies! Do you have a key?

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It’s the last day of the Black Market 2021 and surprise, there is a new rule: Buying contraband is risky, but worth it!

You can get access to a secret warehouse, filled with goodies stolen straight from the Salesman, but you can only have access if you buy the key. After you get access, you can request up to 4 more deliveries, meaning you will get to pick one out of 5 vehicles! Remember, the deal is only available for 24 hours but open to anyone who is whiling to pay 5,000 Gold. 

Here’s how it goes:

  • Purchase a special access key from Hugo to unlock the Secret Warehouse.
  • One of the vehicles from the previous Black Markets will be waiting for you in the Warehouse. Click on the button to see a list of all the vehicles available for purchase.
  • Spend credits on additional supplies, and he’ll bring out other cool tanks from previous Black Markets for you. The first unlocked tank and the vehicles from the additional supplies will be sent to free slots. They’ll be available for selection until the Warehouse closes.
  • You can only pick one vehicle from the available slots.
  • You can order additional supplies up to 4 times. It all depends on how many tanks from the Secret Warehouse you already have. The cost of each subsequent supply is more expensive. Check it out.
  • After the sale of the access key starts, you have up to 24 hours to buy it, unlock the Secret Warehouse, order supplies, and choose a vehicle.
  • If you bought a key but didn’t unlock the Secret Warehouse, then, after all sales end, one of the vehicles will be automatically credited to your account.
  • If you unlocked the Warehouse but didn’t select a vehicle, then, after all sales end, the vehicle will be automatically credited to your account.
  • If you ordered a delivery but didn’t select a vehicle, then, after all sales end, the vehicle from the latest delivery will be credited to your account.
  • The Secret Warehouse will be unavailable if you already have all the vehicles from previous Black Markets in the Garage, or you can restore these vehicles in the Depot if they have already been sold. If so, be sure to check your Depot, which is where you can restore all those sold tanks.

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15,466 thoughts on “Black Market 2021: A Warehouse Full of Goodies! Do you have a key?

  1. ah yes f2p player here i have 20 million credits saved up for bm and ofcourse i have to pay 5k first to get acces 🙁
    very poor end to bm would have been great ending if f2p players also could do something with it

  2. If you haven’t bought a key yet…

    The drop chances for the black tanks is the highest. Not all tanks have the same drop chances. You will most likely end up with those instead of the tanks you want.

  3. after i pay 5k gold do i get the vehicle or do i gotta buy it again then?

  4. No, if you get the key for 5K Gold and just decide to take the first offer, that’s is all you pay. You only pay more credits to unlock more vehicles in that list, but once you decide the vehicle you want from that list, you don’t pay anything more. There are also no limits in quan***ies, but the vehicles you get are random from the list of tanks you don’t have. You can check the list, it’s on the top right corner.

  5. This was brutal. All 5 slots then I went to check what the rest of the tanks available were and the M41 was in my garage as an expired rental. They omitted it as an option saying that I already had the tank.

  6. .. paid 5k for the key and my first offer was a Type59G for 900K Credits .. thought first that was a mistake since 9M credits would also have been cheap but nope – they charged 900k .. Regarding the minimum bet to get one of these last BM this was really a bargain . .think bids that got it were aroung 55K gold o n NA server so .. DEAL!

  7. You didn’t have to pay 900,000 Credits, the first deal was for 5,000 Gold and thats it! The 900,000 Credits was to open another deal, if you paid it, then you got a second tank and overpaid for the Type 59G 😀

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