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Birth of the Titans – Clan Wars Event

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Hello Tankers,

It’s confirmed that a new event called “Birth of the Titans” is coming soon and it’s a celebration to the 100 Years of the Tank. The video has English subtitles and give us a lot of details about what’s coming up. As I have mentioned before, players will be able to claim one of the following three tanks:

  • KV4 Kreslavskiy – Soviet Tier VIII HT
  • IS-5 – Soviet Tier VIII HT
  • Chieftain/T95 – British Tier VIII MT

If you never participated in an event like this, you need to be in a clan to be able to enter and earn Fame Points. Then if your clan is good enough and you have played enough battles, your Fame Points will determine if you enter the TOP Players that will get the reward. Last event 8,000 players got the reward, on this event there isn’t confirmations on how many will be able to get it.

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