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Big Box of Nothing: A Wargaming Christmas Tale!

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On a cold day, just before Christmas, someone had an idea: “What if, players were able to pay for a box and get nothing inside it? That would be amazing!”


Rejoice everyone from ASIA region, Holiday Ops are here and you can now get into the festivities together with the other regions and start buying your loot boxes! They cost almost the same as other regions, prices usually just vary because of the currency and, just because you are all very special, any boxes you buy won’t have any decorations on it and you even have a chance of getting nothing on it!

Screenshot-2017-12-22 Holiday Ops 2018.png

Wargaming decided that ASIA players would like to choose between four different boxes, allusive to each in-game collection just like other regions, but they wouldn’t be getting any decorations inside. At the moment, players are gambling for a price because they aren’t even guaranteed a price worth their money. But did Wargaming warn the players about this?

Thanks to the wonders of Google Cached Pages I was able to find that, the Holiday Ops 2018 Guide article was changed because it was misleading at first!

Original Text


New Text


So yes, players thought they could buy boxes and get decorations, progress quickly through the Festive Atmosphere and get their rewards quickly, but instead, they got nothing.

The main issue with the previous text was, the link to the special website, was actually taking players to the Holiday Ops website, where you just select the boxes you want and you pay for them. The only way you can notice the boxes are different from other regions was by leaving the mouse on top of a box and reading the possible rewards:


That is misleading to the extreme, Wargaming Asia was actually trying to hide as much as possible to players they wouldn’t get their decorations! The second-way players were able to find out the boxes wouldn’t have decorations was if they bought the boxes directly from a second article about these boxes. Only there was a big warning saying:

Note: Decorations are not included in the Premium Shop crates. But you can find them by completing missions!

I’ve made Wargaming aware of these problems but got no reply at the moment, I was able to find on the Asia forum that Wargaming is looking into this, as players are getting angrier and more vocal about the issue. But one question still remains in everyone’s mind: Why would Wargaming make the boxes different for Asia?

It makes no logic at all and what’s even worse is the fact there are still bugs and players are getting nothing on their boxes. I’ll update the article accordingly as soon as more info is released.

Update #1 – 12:00

I’ve just found that the legal document where the Holiday Ops Campaign Rules for World of Tanks was edited after the campaign started! How? Using the magic of Google Cached View and just in case it disappears I’ve taken a couple of print screens.

The original document stated that each box would have Guaranteed content of:

  1. Holiday decoration (Holiday decoration Level 5) from the Traditional Christmas collection. Holiday decoration Level 5 includes one of the following decorations:
    • Pendant
    • Garland
    • Tree skirt decoration
    • Tree topper
    • House decoration
    • Snowman decoration
    • Outside garland
    • Small lights.
  2. 250 Gold.
  3. Extra award.

Changing a document like this it’s illegal, as far as I know, and it can have serious consequences for Wargaming if this is taken further into legal action.

More updates will come as information is published.

Update # – 16:45

Dear Players.

Please be informed that due to local regulations of the APAC region’s supported countries, Xmas Gift Boxes sold in the Premium Shop do not contain Decorations.

Decorations are available in our In-game Decoration Boxes, which can be earned by completing missions.

These in game Decoration boxes are set to award at a higher rate on the APAC server, due to the fact that they are not contained in the premium shop Xmas Gift Boxes.

Unfortunately, some of our announcements did not contain all of the correct information when the event launched on 22 Dec @ 14:00 UTC+8.

Due to this compensation will be issued to players who purchased the Xmas Gift Boxes from the Premium Shop prior to 23 Dec @ 00.01 SGT UTC+8, at a rate of 1160 shards per Premium Shop Xmas Gift Box.

In addition, all players will receive 5 Holiday In Game Decoration Boxes for their inconvenience, when they first login between now and the end of the event.

The WoT team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the Holiday Ops!

Wargaming decided that instead of giving the decorations, players will receive 1,160 Shards per box they buy! Also, a supposed higher rate for the prizes that might come out is also set… My opinion? Wargaming is just trying to go over the mess they created and promise a higher rate that no one knows how much it is in the first place anyway.

Supposedly, APAC region can’t have decorations on the boxes, but it can have an unknow price and a random chance of winning a price or not? Yeah, sure! I’m sorry for all APAC players, you will be able to craft one Tier V decoration every two boxes you buy and that’s still worse than everyone else and that… is sad.

15,466 thoughts on “Big Box of Nothing: A Wargaming Christmas Tale!

  1. Thanks Harkonnen for making this post. We at asia server have no big voices. I am happy that you are raising this issue.

  2. Thank you for bringing this to the attention of people outside of WoT Asia, I was fortunate to have been surfing the forum and realized what they did before I was about to purchase 75 Loot Boxes. This is clearly a poorly devised “Bait and Switch” strategy by WoT Asia/WG Asia. Funny how they would do this just weeks after the EA Loot Box Fiasco that wiped US$3 Billion from their stock value.

    All of this could have been prevented “IF” they had only come clean from the start and inform the player base upfront with the real explanation why. and not have advertisement and videos on the website showing decorations, yes they had a notice somewhere in the small print of not having decorations, however having other visual information contradicting this statement is clearly a violation of trust with it’s player base.

  3. I have a feeling they did this on accident considering they took the boxes offline so quick. If I remember correctly, China recently made a law that requires gaming companies to specify the odds of getting items in loot boxes on their websites. So looks like Wargaming just doesn’t want to reveal the odds of getting a Type 59 to their player base and the Asia region will just have to suffer.

  4. Kompu gacha law states that it is illegal to sell digital goods that only have an effect when a complete set is formed. This is why the decorations would have been pulled at the last moment as you need multiple decorations to increase the levels. The fact that one Premium Shop covers the whole Asia region is the issue, if they ran separate shops for Japan and Korea then they could offer different products in different markets. What WG failed to do when they pulled the content out was to not alter the price to reflect that.

  5. Can confirm this word for word. We in the SEA cluster got screwed pretty bad this time. Thanks for making this WG scam public! Power to the Gamers!!

  6. Unfair to asia server rite? We pay the same amount yet we get nothing and its pure gamble. Why wargaming?

  7. How can be a mistake, if I found out the changed a legal document with the rules for the loot boxes where the new “edited” document doesn’t have any mention of the Decorations, while the original had? And just for a fact: changing a legal document with these rules its illegal!

  8. When i purchased the 75 boxes i had 3 boxes where they were empty. I thought it was a glitch with it interacting with my outdated xvm which happens with the game and solos mod pack sometimes and just was not showing my reward.I closed out the box screen every time and reopened and it did not happen again.i got over 30,000 gold,3 premiums,premium time,and so many otjer goodies that i did not even think I had not got anything from all the boxes. That is crappie though if you bought small 5 box package and say 3-5 were empty.I would be pissed.

  9. I never said anything about the decorations. I also commented before you ever updated your article. As for mistake I say that because companies use copy & paste methodology and it looked like another case of copying from one region and forgetting to turn off the boxes. I’m not sure how that was so confusing. I also pointed out the law in China that requires odds to be specified on loot boxes which you didn’t address which is why no one on the Asian servers get boxes. This is a good to bring to light but you cant skip that part of the story.

  10. EU Server here.

    Got about 22 Lootboxes total the first couple of days. 3 of them came up “empty”. Thought it was a graphics or UI problem and items were actually there.

    Looks like we got gambling 1-0-1 after all. Casino never loses.

    Forum posts and other complains about that seem to magically disappear. Must be Xm*** magic!

  11. I was there when Asia CC StewieJP open 225 box and he not getting a single tie 8 pre ! Not a single one.All tie 4 pre and gold !

  12. My comment was also before I updated the article, I think I came out as “aggressive” in the comment and that wasn’t my intention, sorry about it. Chinese server it’s separate, doesn’t affect the APAC Region. This was clearly a mess up, then they tried to hide it and now they are going to give compensation… lol My problem with all this is that it shouldn’t have happen at all in the first place.

  13. I still dont understand how it was fine to have decorations in the boxes last year but suddenly this year we can’t

    I also don’t see the point in continueing to sell the different types of boxes if they don’t provide any decorations.

  14. So regarding the compensation announcement from WG did I get it right?

    They said “So you bought a PREMIUM lootbox that was supposed to contain -gold/prem time/chance for a prem tank- and got bollocks ? Here are some non premium decorations for free and forget it ever happened”

    Wat??? …. I don’t even …. Wat???

  15. Affirmative! And thank you TDB for letting us know. Was about to purchase some lootboxes as well and thought some gamble is included sure, but its a good value for money. (or so it seemed) Well hell if I’m gonna spend a dime to get some boxes with stuff in them..or not. Working as intended my b***. Meh.

  16. My decoratior charged me 480 shards for a random tier 5 and 960 for a specific type. So 1160 shards is the equivalent of 2.42 random tier 5s, not 0.5 as your update post suggests.

    Or did I miss something?

  17. The different types of boxes is for the emblems and inscriptions.
    The decorations are not the problem, the reward for completing a decoration set is, it’s called Kompu Gacha and has been illegal in Japan for a while.

    So Wargaming is using a system that is considered illegal by Japan but legal elsewhere.

  18. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen a company post something, then they run afoul of some law that forces them to change stuff, especially since Asian countries have different rules and expectations about loot boxes. Hell, look at the crap the Chinese server gets away with. Bet it’s something related to the fact that decorations have no intrinsic value.

    It makes no sense for WG to change the rules for one specific server, unless they’re being forced to for some stupid last minute reason. It provokes backlash, it adds development time, and it makes people less likely to buy these boxes, unless they really want a Hype 59. And you’re right – you can’t change the rules of a contest after the contest starts, UNLESS the rules were illegal in the first place. Then WG should have been much more up front about annnouncing changes, and explaining why, which I totally agree with you. (That’s probably a cultural problem from originating in Russia / Eastern Europe.). But a dark conspiracy? Don’t think so.

  19. No, the Moderators are merging forum threads about it so that the outrage is all in one place.

  20. So why not remove that system from the Asia server or just link it into the festive atmosphere instead of the collections…

  21. So it IS illegal… thanks for spreading awareness about this debacle.

  22. And still we wait for the promised compensation, are we going to get that anytime before this event ends. We are now entitled to compensation for the wait.

  23. They deleted a post of mine, NOT merged it. I was harsh in my view, but nothing that violated forum rules and still professional in how I addressed things. It was deleted in a few minutes and not merged.

  24. That is what makes me think all this on Asia was intentional, but not notified to still profit off it. WG saw how fast players were getting T10 atmosphere on NA and EU and the huge T8 premium rewards and wasn’t too happy about it. Things are MUCH different in rewards on my Asia server account than my account on NA to the point RNG can’t be blamed. I had a feeling Asia though was going to get screwed when everyone on EU and NA was winning T8 tanks and things, and Asia was going to be a week late.

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