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Battle Pass: Season X Official FAQ, Progression Chart + Guide

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The first full Battle Pass Season of 2023 is here, running until 30 May 2023! Season X is bringing new progressive 3D styles for the X Rinoceronte , X Maus , and X UDES 15/16 , plenty more valuable rewards, and the opportunity to get the brand-new BZ-58-2, KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK, and other Tier IX vehicles!

Check out these frequently asked questions to learn how you can join the battle and earn heaps of fantastic rewards.

What is Battle Pass?

Battle Pass is a seasonal game event in which you earn Progression Points in Random Battles and progress through Stages.

As you complete the Stages, you will earn valuable rewards, such as unique crew members, decals, days of WoT Premium Account, bonds, credits, Personal Reserves, directives, blueprint fragments, Crew Books, Garage slots, Tokens, and standard and Bounty Equipment.


How can I participate?

Go to the Chapter Selection Menu and decide which rewards you want most. Then, go to the menu for this Chapter and click the Activate Chapter button. After that, just play, complete the Stages, and collect rewards!

In the same Chapter menu, you also have the option to purchase an Improved Battle Pass. With this pass, you will receive tons of additional rewards for the same actions. Players who want to get their rewards immediately can purchase additional Progression Stages, allowing them to collect all the rewards at the beginning of the Season. This option is available to players who purchase the Improved Battle Pass.

How does Season X differ from previous Seasons?

The fundamental Battle Pass mechanics will not change in Season X. However, a few new features will be introduced:

  • Two new vehicles (the BZ-58-2 and KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK) are available for purchase with Battle Pass Tokens, and Bounty Hardening is among the Progression and Token rewards.
  • You can read all about the adventures of our brand-new trio of hero tankers in the descriptions of this Season’s Stage and Chapter rewards. The styles, decals, medal, and crew members themselves form a Collection (a feature to be introduced later in the Season). Depending on the number of Collection Elements gathered, you can earn up to three additional Tokens during Season X.
  • Styles and crew members from Seasons VII and IX will be available in the Reward section of the in-game Store.

Check out the official Battle Pass Season X launch video for an overview of the Season:

Will Season X feature a temporary Chapter?

We’re still discussing the possibility of a temporary Chapter, and it will take some time before we have a definitive answer. However, at the moment, we do not have any plans to announce a temporary Chapter for Season X.

When is the last day to spend my Battle Pass Points?

You have until the end of the Season (30 May 2023), to spend your Battle Pass points. All unspent Battle Pass points will be lost.

Tokens, however, will stick around until the end of 2023:

What can I use my Tokens for?

You can spend Tokens in the Items for Tokens section of the in-game Store or save them up and spend them in upcoming Battle Pass Seasons of 2023. Tokens accumulate throughout the year, and available items include unique reward vehicles, Bounty Equipment, bonds, and Personal Reserves.

There are now nine rare Tier IX vehicles available for Tokens. The new stars are the BZ-58-2 and the KPz 3 Projekt 07 HK, and both are equipped with Standard Large Repair Kits (the “unlimited” kind).

Please note, the Kampfpanzer 3 Prj. 07 HK costs 27 Tokens — which you may have noticed, is more than the total number you can receive from the first season alone. By gathering the Collection, you’ll earn 3 additional Tokens on top of the 21 that come as Progression rewards, totaling 24 tokens (enough for the BZ, but 3 short of the KPz). If you wish to pick up the KPz 3 Pr.07 HK, save your Tokens, and you’ll be able grab the TD shortly after the next Season begins.

How many Tokens can I earn this Season?

You can earn up to 21 Battle Pass Tokens from the Season X Progression (12 from Base Rewards and 9 from Improved Rewards), plus up to 3 additional Tokens for gathering Collection Elements. (Collections will be a staple of every Season in 2023.)

NOTE: The Collection feature is not yet in the game — this will become available sometime in April 2023.

When should I spend my Tokens by?

You have some time to decide before you buy. Even after Season X ends, you can save your Tokens for the next Battle Pass Season. (Any earned Battle Pass Tokens will stay with you until the end of 2023.)

Is my Battle Pass Progression tracked, even if I don’t buy the Improved Pass immediately?

Yes, but to claim the rewards, you must activate a Chapter before the end of the Season.

If I already own a lower-level 3D style from a previous Season, can I still purchase the style up to Level IV?

Yes, with gold. Please check the game client for prices.

Season X of Battle Pass is well-underway, and will continue until the end of May 2023.

Reddit user u/towjt has put together a new progression chart for the ongoing season of Battle Pass (Season X).

The recommended progression remains analogous to previous seasons:

This chart represents the daily minimum “pace” to keep up with if you wish to do the minimum amount of work each day, while still completing all three (3) Battle Pass chapters. So long as you are at-or-ahead-of the listed stage for the day, you are on track to completing them all.
As always, the simplest way to earn points quickly in random battles is to complete daily missions, as those grant :battlePassPoints: 10/15/20 points respectively (in addition to another :battlePassPoints: 25 from the daily bonus mission, unlocked upon completing all three standard daily missions, and a bonus of :battlePassPoints: 50 points from completing 45 daily missions).
Extra points will likely be available to earn from the Frontline mode, which is expected to return sometime towards the end of Season X (including the new “Fata Morgana” desert map).

(NOTE: Dates shown in the above chart are specific to 🇪🇺 EU. For 🇺🇸 NA and 🌏 ASIA, the start/end dates are one full day earlier, and thus, all of the dates on the chart should be shifted back by one day for these two regions.)