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Update 1.8: What Battle Pass Rewards Can You Get?

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World of Tanks is receiving a new long-term event: Battle Pass. The event is structured into two paths: Base and Improved. Improved can be purchased with gold, however, no rewards are locked behind the paywall. Every single reward can be earned by a Free to Play player, Improved just grants more rewards.

3D Style for Super Conqueror – Sentry

3D Style for Object 277 – Fluffy

2D Style – “Trail in History”

“An all-season style, issued for progress in the first season of the Battle Pass.”

Bounty Equipment

Bounty equipment is a special type of equipment. It starts off equal to the bonuses regular equipment gives, but with “infusion”, it becomes on par with bond equipment in terms of a performance boost. The main advantage of this sort of equipment, however, is that the demounting price is equal to that of standard equipment: 10 Gold or a Demounting Kit.

Bounty Gun Laying Driver

  • Level 1: +10% to loading speed
  • Level 2: +12.5% loading speed
Bounty Rammer

  • Level 1: +10% to aiming speed
  • Level 2: +12.5% aiming speed

Unique Commanders

With the Battle Pass, the player will be able to choose one of the following Commanders:

George Barton – U.K tanks only: A graduate of the Royal Tank School, the best cadet of his graduation. An excellent shooter set a school record for destroying moving targets at a great distance. He is technically savvy, knows the technical characteristics and features of most modern technology, skillfully uses this knowledge in battle. The character is calm, balanced. Does not have disciplinary sanctions.

Vasily Badayev – Soviet tanks only: An exceptionally temperamental military man with a complex impulsive character who was actually born and raised in a tank unit. Despite the average theoretical knowledge, he feels great in any combat situation due to animal instincts and well-developed intuition. It features non-standard tactical thinking, which often plays into his hands in battle.

Unique Crew Skins

David Eekeeboo: An experienced tankman with a velvety voice, with whom you may be familiar from the Tank Academy or streams when his tank was defeated on the battlefield. If not, you should look at it.

Cornelius Durden: Life is a strange thing with many surprises and twists. And now the former gardener of Her Majesty gives the command to her crew to open fire on the enemy. How it happened – ask him yourself in one of the Irish pubs.

John Legrass: A former policeman from New Orleans, canine officer. Boredom and reluctance to sit in one place pushed him to leave the service and set off in search of adventure. Fortunately, old army friends helped find something to their liking.

Unique Badge – “Elite Chevron”

After completing the main stages, the player will unlock a Unique Badge: the Elite Chevron. This Badge will last until the Battle Pass event is over and be taken away with it. Enjoy while you still have it and assert dominance over your foes, commanders.

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