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Battle Pass: Reap Through the Stages and Earn Rewards!

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Battle Pass is here, and with it comes an exciting new twist on the way players can earn free rewards! For 3 months, partake in many exciting battles that will unravel in the battlefield and earn tokens, which will allow you to climb the Battle Pass stages and earn many unique rewards! Commanders, at the end of the road, one of two unique Commanders, 3D styles and a new type of equipment awaits you, do you like the smell of victory?

To start your journey in Battle Pass, simply play in Random Battles (except for Grand Battles) in Tier VI–X vehicles. Perform at your best and earn Progression Points, which will automatically boost your current Battle Pass Stage.

The number of points earned depends on your position in your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned. Even if your team lost or drew, you will still receive Progression Points.

Position in Your Team’s Post-Battle Ranking by XP EarnedWin a BattleLose a Battle / Draw
TOP 375
TOP 1053
The Battle Pass progression system will consist of two parts: Main and Elite. Each of them consists of a fixed number of Stages: 45 in the Main, and 100 in the Elite. To advance from one Stage to another in the Main Progression you will need to earn 50 points. Achieving each Stage will bring you valuable in-game rewards, and once you have reached a certain Stage, you cannot lose it.

Vehicles’ Point Limit

Each tank has a Point Limit you can reach. The higher the tank’s tier, the higher the Limit. Having reached the Limit, you can still play in this vehicle, but you won’t be able to earn more Progression Points in it, so you will need to choose another tank if you wish to continue earning them.

Having earned the maximum number of Points on the selected vehicle, you will receive additional Progression Points as a recognition reward. The number of points depends on the vehicle’s tier and is specified in the table below.

TierPoint LimitExtra Points for Reaching the Limit
Battle Pass Special Vehicles (more on them below)1,00035

All vehicles that are eligible for the Battle Pass event are marked with a special indicator on the tank carousel in your Garage. It displays how many points you have already earned in a particular vehicle and the remaining Point Limit. To see all vehicles in which you can still earn Progression Points, use the special filter.

Battle Pass Special Vehicles

Some of the most popular tanks will be selected for Special Vehicle status in each Battle Pass Season. They feature special rules for obtaining Progression Points, as well as increased Limits. In the first Season, these Special Vehicles are two of your old friends, the  X Object 277  and the  X Super Conqueror.

  • Playing in the formidable Super Conqueror, you will earn 3 points more when you are ranked top 3 in your team by XP earned, regardless of whether you won or lost.
  • Rolling into battle in the powerful Object 277, you have the opportunity to earn 1 point more than other tanks when you get into the top 10 of your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned.

Each of these versatile vehicles snipes well, brawls decently, and will help you dominate the battlefield to earn maximum points—if you play to their strengths.

Let’s Talk Rewards!

Upon reaching each new Stage of the Main Progression, you will get a nice reward. At certain Stages, the reward will be noticeably better than usual. The first Season of the event will fill your vault with Bounty Equipment, WoT Premium Account time, credits, blueprint fragments, unique customizations, and a heap of other valuable items.

You can find a list of the rewards for all Stages on the Battle Pass screen in your Garage.

Special mention must be made of Bounty Equipment, a special new type of Standard Equipment and a coveted reward for every Commander. Its characteristics can be improved to the level of Improved Equipment with credits, and you can demount it from your vehicle using gold, like standard equipment. In Battle Pass Season I, you can get your hands on the Bounty Rammer (upon reaching Stage 20) and the Bounty Gun Laying Drive (upon reaching Stage 30).




But wait, there’s more! The ultimate and most valuable prizes you will receive after completing the 45th Stage of Main Progression are:

  • A gorgeous 3D style for one of the two special vehicles (the Super Conqueror or the Object 277)
  • A unique custom commander for it, with Sixth Sense (as a zero perk), Repair and Jack of All Trades

To redeem these rewards, vote for the tank you prefer in the game client. If you don’t have the Super Conqueror or the Object 277 in your Garage yet, you can unlock and research them using the blueprint fragments you’ve earned in the event.

After the end of the Season:

  • The tank team that won the vote will receive a special x2 Battle XP repeatable mission for all Tier IV-X vehicles in the Garage.
  • The second-place team will receive a special x2 Crew XP repeatable mission for all Tier IV-X vehicles in the Garage.

If you complete the Main Progression but don’t claim your rewards at the end of the first Season, you will be credited with the style and commander for the Object 277 within a year.

Want to grab both exclusive 3D styles? No problem! They will be available to you after you have purchased an Improved Pass and completed the 45th stage of the Main Progression.

Improved Pass

At each Stage, there are two levels of rewards available—Base and Improved. You can get all the Base Rewards for free by completing the Season. But by purchasing an Improved Pass, you can unlock and instantly receive the additional Improved Rewards as well, even for Stages you have already completed.

The Improved Pass is a special item available for 6,500 on the Battle Pass screen. You can purchase an Improved Pass at any Stage of the event. Additionally:

  1. In the first two months of the Season, you can buy a fixed package containing a maximum of 20 Stages for 5,000. The fewer Stages that remain until the completion of the Main Progression, the smaller the number of Stages in the package and, accordingly, the lower its cost. When you purchase a package, you immediately receive all Base and Improved Rewards for all purchased Stages, and the Stages will be considered completed.
  2. In the third month of the Season, you can purchase any number of Stages of the Main Progression, and the cost of Improved Pass depends on the number of Stages (one Stage costs 250).

These packages will only be available once you have purchased the Improved Pass.

Elite Progression

Your battle journey doesn’t end with the completion of the Main Progression. After completing the 45th Stage, the Elite Progression becomes available. Only the most dedicated players will be able to reach it. It consists of 100 Stages, through which you can further hone your battle skills and triumphantly complete the event. Elite Progression is available regardless of whether an Improved Pass is purchased or not.

You will earn Points in Elite Progression according to the same rules as in Main, but each Stage will require more Points to complete than the last, and will reward you with increasing amounts of bonds.

The Main and Elite Progressions share the same Point Limit for all vehicles, so be sure to keep expanding your arsenal of eligible vehicles.

Dynamic Badges as a Mark of Glory

After completing the first Stage of Elite Progression, you will be rewarded with a brand-new dynamic badge, exclusive to World of Tanks. It will show your current Battle Pass Elite Progression Stage, and this number will automatically increase as you continue to progress. Apply it as a mark of glory and showcase your tank mastery throughout the event!

The badge needs to be applied manually in the Account Status screen and is visible to players from both teams. At the end of the event, it will be removed from your account.


15,466 thoughts on “Battle Pass: Reap Through the Stages and Earn Rewards!

  1. Giving more points to powerful meta tanks? It should be the opposite, the less a tank is played, the more bonus points it should get to diversify the meta. We don’t need more 277s and Super Conks. 37$ Canadian for a season p*** is insane anyways.

  2. However, half of the season p*** is completely free, and the only real value you are being locked out of is the bounty gun rammer, which is a bummer, but nowhere near worth the price of improved p***. This event overall is a good addition for F2P population. Sure, we can argue they could have added tanks like AMX 30B or Leopard as the “special event vehicles”, but there would be a lot less participation with such borderline “unexciting” vehicles getting free unique styles. Wargaming cares about maxing out their participation, and for that popular tanks were needed. However, since their popularity (or notoriety) cause from imbalance, that’s a whole another topic.

  3. I agree that it’s good for the F2P. And I like the unique skins. But they could have used the point system as an opportunity to help balance out the matchmaker.

    Keep the skins for popular tanks, give popular tanks no bonuses, give ALL unpopular tanks bonuses, the less popular the more bonus points so people are encouraged to diversify way more than with the point limits.

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