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Battle of Kursk Mission Day 4

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It’s day four of Battle of Kursk marathon and we have another mission! On the fourth day, players will be faced with yet another easy mission from both directions! Here are the details:

North Direction

  • Destroy 5 enemy vehicles in any number of battles. Can be completed in any vehicle starting from Tier IV and higher except historical vehicles.

South Direction

  • Destroy 3 enemy vehicles in any number of battles. Can be completed only in historical vehicles that took part in the Battle of Kursk.


  • x2 Large First Aid Kit

Historical Reference

Soviet counterattack near Olkhovatka, Defense of Oboyan

At the northern face of the salient, Ponyri station passed from hand to hand over the course of the day. Troops from the 9th German Army attacked the second defence line of the Soviet Central Front but failed to break through it. Walter Model was running out of troops.

In the south, the Germans broke through the second defence line in the Oboyansk direction but withdrew after a counterattack. Army Detachment Kempf turned north to broaden the penetration area.