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Bat.-Châttillon 25t and AMX 50 Foch (155) Fate in Update 9.20

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Update 9.20 will bring loads of vehicle rebalances, the majority has been already announced in previous articles. Wargaming has now officially announced all these changes in the Portal, but also a few more details.

Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

Upon considering feedback on the changes planned to be introduce, Wargaming took a step back to review the testing results and didn’t find a solid enough reason to rebalance this treasured vehicle. It will remain unchanged for now.

AMX 50 Foch (155)

Many players in the community have a soft spot for the AMX 50 Foch (155) and removing it from the game would make no one happy. It took us a while, but we found a way out that should give the revised TD line a Tier X to match, and leave the good ol’ Foch (155) in the roster.

Starting in 9.20, the Foch (155) becomes a special vehicle, while a completely new TD; the AMX 50 Foch B, rolls out on Tier X. Basically, this newcomer is a revised version of the AMX 50 Foch (155), equipped with a six-round 120mm autoloader capable of dealing 400 alpha damage instead of the 155 gun. It is also reinforced with better side and front armor. Due to a low silhouette, the AMX 50 Foch (155) used to have fairly poor gun depression and elevation, limiting the tank’s usefulness. We increased both to boost its effectiveness on uneven terrain.

AMX 50 Foch B

Let’s explain some purely technical details of the transition:

  • What’s with the AMX 50 Foch’s (155) combat parameters? 
    It benefits from the same set of improvements the new Tier X received (except for the gun; it retains the 155mm autoloader): its front and side armor got thicker and gun depression and elevation went up a few degrees.
  • How can you get the AMX 50 Foch B and the AMX 50 Foch (155)? 
    If you researched and purchased the AMX 50 Foch (155), it remains in your Garage, changing its status to a special vehicle, and you also get the AMX 50 Foch B. If you researched but haven’t purchased it just yet, you have until 9.20’s launch to do it. Lastly, if you’re in the process of researching it, you have to hurry, as the AMX 50 Foch (155) won’t be available for purchase after 9.20.
  • What stays on the AMX 50 Foch (155)? 
    It keeps its battle statistics, XP, achievements, medals, and marks of excellence.
  • What gets transferred to the AMX 50 Foch B? 
    All customization items (camo, emblems, and inscriptions) go to the AMX 50 Foch B for their remaining duration. The AMX 50 Foch’s (155) Crew gets retrained for the AMX 50 Foch B. Since the AMX 50 Foch (155) has a special status, you can recruit a Crew from any French TD without penalty.
  • What’s with rounds and equipment? 
    Shells were removed, but fear not; you’ll get the full amount of Credits they cost you credited to your account. Equipment gets de-mounted and moved to Storage, and you can use it on any other vehicle.
Source: World of Tanks Portal


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15,466 thoughts on “Bat.-Châttillon 25t and AMX 50 Foch (155) Fate in Update 9.20

  1. Doesn’t that give the Foch the same damage potential like the waffle e100? And why are they letting players keep the 155 when they took all our precious waffles away?

  2. >we can keep the The AMX 50 Foch’s (155) as trainer prem? tank

    Really? We can get a “free” TD worth 22,500 gold ?

    When it’s 9.20 realease data again?

  3. Lmao its not turning into a premium tank with premium bonuses, dont ***ume things lmfao

  4. When the release 9.20 will come out ? I mean how many time have we to grind the Foch 155.
    I guess “special tank” mean he will be like the t55a or the t28concept. No money bonus, but crew bonus yes.

  5. Yup, that is exactly what it means.
    Luckily I am at the Tier9 Foch already, so not much left to grind.

  6. I’m also at tier9. But i would like to know how many time we have to finish the grind

  7. Well did you ever play the foch 155. I guess not. Unlike the Waffles this thing has 0.35 acc and 3 seconds aimtime and no turret. it is hard to clip some complete tier X tank in it unlike the waffle. If that thing spotted you you were a death tank

  8. All these armor increases will result in more ammo spent per battle. Does anyone else see this as the ultimate goal here? The costs per battle are going to be going up.

  9. 9.20 release at end of summer. Enough time to get the 155. But even after the depression and elevation buffs it still has terrible gun handling. Better play the Foch B then. 257 pen works fine. Load gold and you are Death Star 2.0. As with the 155 you get 293 pen, but usually it is: 1 hit, 1 bounce, 1 miss. Its not that often that all three shells pen. Foch B just feels more flexible.

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