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Auction 2023 Leak: “Monkey King” 121B, “Mars” Progetto 46 + Additional Speculation

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Two “new” vehicles were added to the files in today’s micropatch:

121B Monkey King

As covered in our previous article, the X 🇨🇳:MTelite:Monkey King is effectively a clone of the existing X 🇨🇳:MTelite:121B with a unique (permanently-applied) 3D style and name. This has been confirmed as the first auction offer on ASIA, at a starting bid of 20,000,000 credits.

Progetto 46 Mars

VIII 🇮🇹:MTelite:Mars is also a clone of an existing vehicle: in this case, the VIII 🇮🇹:MTelite:Progetto 46. This vehicle also features a unique 3D style and name, in a similar fashion to the VIII :flag_ussr_wot::HTelite:IS-3A Peregrine from last year’s auction. While it has not yet been confirmed at the time of writing, it is more-than-likely this vehicle will be featured as one of the five(+) offers this time around.

Additional Speculation

A couple of new vehicles have been spotted on the ASIA server, driven by special test accounts: IX 🇺🇸:HTelite:T54 Heavy and VIII :flag_ussr_wot::HTelite:K-2.

While this does not necessarily confirm these vehicles will be present in the auction, it is possible these test accounts may be for CCs to test these vehicles in order to create reviews ahead of time. However, only time will tell — stay tuned for info regarding the next four days of auctions!

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