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NA & Asia Advent Calendar: E-25 is back!

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The wait is over for all players from the ASIA server. You always wanted that very special vehicle, that was never going on sale again, that was removed from the Premium Shop because and players can’t buy it for Gold in-game because it was overpowered and its numbers were increasing?

Rolling down the map listening to Eminem: “Guess who’s back… back again…”

E 25 is back on sale for one day and if you want it, you will have to hand in the big bucks to Wargaming, because this Tier VII German Premium tank destroyer is only available in a bundle that costs £45.57. Players from other regions should expect it to be available on a different day for a similar price.

But, is this a surprise to any of us? To a certain point, it’s not. Last year the tank made a one day return and while the Community made a lot of noise about its return, Wargaming did profit a lot that day. So what changed from last year, for me to not expect this tank on the Advent Calendar?

The fact me, other Community Contributors and several special guests, during the last Developer Q&A we had on November 24th, talked about some vehicles and we were told such vehicles weren’t going to make a return because they were considered problematic, makes me question: why is the E 25 back?


For me personally, I can understand Wargaming making these vehicles available again, they are a Company and need to make a profit so we can all enjoy the game. From a player perspective, I can understand up to a certain point, gives players who don’t own this vehicle an opportunity to get it… but why saying to those who they, supposedly, trust, the tank isn’t making a return and then where we are.

What guarantees do we have other vehicles like Object 252U don’t actually make a return too? Why aren’t we trusted with this information, if we are under NDA and we all know the consequences of breaking them? Why when directly asked, Wargaming lies or denies certain information, and then smacks this bundles on our face?

A relationship needs to be based on trust, and for me, today, that trust was thrown to the floor and stepped over several times.

Update – 06/12/2017 at 11:35

First of all, thanks to therealisnes for pointing me to something I completely forgot about. When Wargaming announced the E 25 retirement, they clearly stated that:

“We cannot rule out the possibility that the E 25 will be able to be obtained in the Premium Shop during special events or as a reward for participation in competitions in the future.”


With this I can now rest assured that Wargaming never stated the E 25 wasn’t making a return, in fact, they warned us it could return on special events like the Advent Calendar.

I remember having conversations about this and most of the time I always had one question in my mind: “Did they say never? I don’t remember Wargaming saying the E 25 wasn’t going to be sold again never…”. This brings closure, at least for me, in why Wargaming is selling it again.

Second, I’ve had a small conversation with Wargaming about the article and we both agreed there was a “Lost in Translation” moment when we had the Q&A last November. While I can’t disclosure much more of the Q&A than what has been published, what was understood by Wargaming was the fact they were reassuring us that Object 252U/Defender wasn’t making a return and that was later re-affirmed by Wargaming on Reddit and during an NA Stream with MeatheadMilitia. What we understood was that tanks like E 25 were englobed on that same statement.

I’m glad we were able to clear this misunderstanding and we are now able to move forward.

For all of you who want an E 25, if you are from NA or Asia Region, you can get it today, if aren’t, just wait a little bit more, because it will mostly come either tomorrow or in the next few days.


E 25 – Advent Offer – Asia | NA

  • Tier VII E 25
  • Garage Slot
  • Gold: 7,650
  • 10x Personal Reserves: 300% Crew Experience for 1H
  • 15x x5 XP for Victory Mission (E 25)


15,466 thoughts on “NA & Asia Advent Calendar: E-25 is back!

  1. Why is everyone saying that E-25 is “never going on sale again”?

    WG have CLEARLY stated that it might return to the premium shops on special occasions.

    WG EU:

    “…we cannot rule out the possibility that the E 25 will be able to be obtained in the Premium Shop during special events or as a reward for participation in competitions in the future.”

    WG NA:

    “…we won’t rule out the possibility of the E 25 returning to the Premium Shop in a special event or as a reward for in-game competitions. “

  2. Well, not gonna meeting them little buggers for a while, while grinding tier 9s at least.

  3. I’m not saying they said it would never be on sale, its just we got told it would be on sale because its on the list of “problematic” tanks. Its the fact they lied to a direct question, it’s the fact they don’ t seem to trust the ones who they want to be their influencers.

  4. Personally I don’t mind this from a player perspective. Yes, I don’t have the tank currently, and yes, I’m not hyped about tier 7 flooding with a cockroach invasion. But, if I don’t want to play against E25’s, I can just play tier 9 and 10 (which are my preferred tiers anyway) so that’s not an issue.
    I just wish WG would take better care of their consumers. And orientate the game after their wishes, not their own.

  5. Isnt it like Asia servers are runned by Kongzhong and not WG? Its not like I want to defend everything they do but I think when WG say something its just for RU, EU and NA (and even there every region has autonomy to some degree – tank packages for example). While Asia is … wild. Imho E-25 on asia still seems like mediocre offer at best compared to WT-E100 and Chieftain.

  6. No, thats the Chinese Server. SEA, or also know as ASIA is run by Wargaming.

  7. Ahh, Ok there, thanks for clarification. Im somehow stuck to EU (where I play) and NA servers because of youtubers ignoring Asia region altogether. Than I have to agree with your opinion suddenly the situation upsetting me as well.

  8. Type 59 was nerfed to the ground, and I can back that up with data. But they say they never nerf Premium tanks…

  9. Maybe they are selling it because they don’t think it is currently overpowered? I have one and I don’t find it OP at all in the current meta. And while it might be problematic in some situations the SU-122-44 is the same case and that is still in game shop.

  10. I don’t think its OP as such, it can be annoying thats all. My rant is not about the tank it self, it about the whole situation this has come to. But that was also fixed. Now I’m just waiting for two more “rants”: ELC EVEN and T-29 coming for New Year 😀

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