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Armored Warfare: Seasons are coming!

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Armored Warfare will change the approach to its development cycle and enter a new stage with the upcoming ‘Seasons’. These focused and story-driven content expansions will span multiple months and will replace the current Update-based structures. ‘Seasons’ consist of chapters and are connected through a special version of the co-operative gameplay mode, drawing a narrative conclusion. The co-operative PvE maps for this game mode have been designed after real world locations and conflicts to give more complexity and depth for an even more engaging tank battles. A season and its chapters will bring new vehicles, new PvP maps as well as thematic decals, rewards, avatars.

The overall story follows Magnus, the former mercenary of a military corporation, betrayed and seeking revenge across seasons in a conflict between mercenary companies in the nearby future. The first season, called “Black Sea Incursion”, will start this spring on PC. On PlayStation®4 Seasons will start later this year but will be opened with Special Operation Missions which will give players an introduction to the story of Magnus already in May.

New Features

  • Campaign Missions

A series of two separate campaign missions – one for the PvP modes and one for the PvE mode. Tank commanders will  be able to participate in a large number of missions of various difficulty levels to earn epic rewards, including special vehicle skins.

  • Brand- new Interface with World Map

A redesign of the default Garage view to match that of a world-spanning conflict of 2042. As a mercenary commander, players will be able to choose their missions on a large map while participating in faction warfare, campaign missions and much more.

Screenshot-2018-4-5 Black Sea Incursion in Armored Warfare(2).png

  • Battalion Competitive Mode

Assemble a battalion and pit crews against ruthless enemies. Glory and prizes await the winners with the first version of a Battalion competitive mode coming this season.

  • Israeli Main Battle Tank Progression Line

From the Super Sherman tanks to the latest Merkavas, this line covers all the essential Israeli models from the 1950s to the near future. Commanders are taken on a a trip through the Israeli armor history and experience each of the legendary machines first hand.

  • Armor Inspector

Ever wanted to see how exactly does each tank’s armor functions? The Armor Inspector feature will allow to do just that with each tank laid bare. Learn each vehicles armor composition, layout and, most importantly, weak spots.


Free ERC-90 F4 Shark

Players will be able to claim a free Tier V French ERC 90. The vehicle is a modified ERC 90 with the GIAT TS90 turret, armed with a powerful 90mm cannon capable of firing APFSDS rounds that can kill an armored target at the distance of up to 2km.

Renegade — Season 1 Camouflage pattern

Screenshot-2018-4-5 Black Sea Incursion in Armored Warfare

Season-themed Decals

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  1. I am the only one who notice how many times this game change his deveploment approach?? , this game can decide what it is….

  2. They had to change to fit in the market. WoT now controls the PVP tanks market due to AW screwing up. AW has to be the PVE only game now because thats what the few remaining players want and play often. AW keeps reinventing itself to see what will make them popular again.

  3. the tank is not a free one but a rental tank for 30 days …no reason to play this game

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