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Armored Warfare Developers Q&A

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Armored Warfare Seasons are closer and closer to be released. Today we got a Developers Q&A to share with you all, where you can get more insights into the idea of Seasons and why they are being implemented into the game.


You have decided to create something unique with each update entitled Seasons can you explain what these Seasons mean?

Seasons are a new update mechanism, instead of isolated updates every two to three months, we adopted a structure where the game gets a few, currently, three planned, seasons per year.

Everything within a Season is tied together to a big storyline and the Season theme, for example, “Betrayal and Revenge”, “Middle Eastern War”, etc, and there can be several updates within a Season.

For example,  World of Warcraft utilizes expansions in a similar way (e.g. “Wrath of Lich King”) and Diablo, Guild Wars 2 and Warface have actual seasons.

Can you explain what Seasons mean to players?

The game basically “refreshes” into a new form for a season, akin to expansions in other games. The Season, spread throughout the season, contains :

  • New storyline presented in new special operation (a series of campaign missions)
  • New maps in general
  • New key art (loading screen, season emblems etc.)
  • New vehicles
  • Lots of new rewards
  • New gameplay features and rebalance
  • New seasonal competitive activities (ratings, battalion competition, etc.)

A lot more can be added, all tied to common theme and storyline. So for a player, the start of a new season is a big event, as they offer new content to play and things to get.


Where do players find these season on the menu and how do they access them?

The game changes to a new season completely and for everyone, so no choice of seasons is necessary. It’s not required to play any of the previous seasons to start enjoying the current one.

However, we do plan to let players play previous Special Operations from older seasons and some older content may still be accessible.

The season will occur in Georgia and it’ll be a prequel to the “Caribbean crisis” season. Can you explain a little backdrop to the two stories how they merge?

Caribbean Crisis special operation ends with players apparently betrayed by Clayburn Industries, the corporation they had to help in the fight versus Magnus Holter, the main antagonist. Being trapped together with Magnus’ forces in Jamaica, they reluctantly make a deal to help each other escape the trap. The special operation ends with Magnus promising to tell the players what’s going on.

Black Sea Incursion is Magnus’ origin story: how he was betrayed and turned from respectable corporate executive into a “war criminal” and why he wages war on the current world order. It is basically a recollection narrated by Magnus himself, where players recreate the events.


Season stories lines will they merge over a period into one large story arch or will each Season generate its own story that isn’t connected to the other stories?

They form a large story arc that moves the storyline forward. The next season (after Black Sea Incursion) will actually get back to “current” timeline after events of Caribbean crisis spec ops. A lot of characters, like Magnus, Fyodor Volkov (players’ ISD contact), Douglas (merc from Magnus’ story) will make a reappearance.

So it’s an ongoing story.

However, we plan to have each season to be relatively contained by describing one big event within one geographical area, and newer seasons will explain to newcomers what happened previously.

That’s similar to how TV series work: episodes are similar to chapters in special operations, and episodes form seasons

With the storyline of the game based in the future using modern tanks, have you thought about adding WWII tanks for poorer private military organizers who can’t compete financially as a rogue group?

A: we considered that idea, but we are more likely to start with DIY stuff for poorer organizations (technicals, pickups with ATGMs, hell cannons, weird tank hybrids). Those are more widespread in modern and even historical conflicts (e.g. Toyota war), and pretty fun too.

WWII tanks do fit this paradigm,  too, as they can be conceivably used in “DIY upgrade” form. And with Israeli line, we actually get some official upgrades to WWII tanks like Super Shermans, playable in-game.


Can you outline the new tanks coming to the update and what they offer to the player?

Israeli line comes with several new interesting things for the players.

1) The initial vehicles allow players to experience different tank schools (American, British, Soviet etc.) in a modified form, including upgraded WWII tanks like Super Shermans. That lets players quickly try out different tank types and decide what they like, making the Israeli line dealer very comfortable for new players.

2) The Merkavas themselves are pretty unique MBTs in terms of armor layout and using ready racks, but the final vehicle, the tier 10 Merkava is currently planned to be using the announced “next generation Trophy” which is Trophy and Iron Fist combo. In-game, it should be able to intercept not just ATGMs, but HEAT and HE and maybe AP (depends).

Some other existing tanks may also get this feature. Overall, it offers pretty unique gameplay.

3) The Israeli dealer will feature various unlocks (visuals, commanders) scattered throughout the tanks like Faraday has, and also have “shortcuts” into other dealers’ lines. It’s also newbie friendly and a full 1 to 10 line, unlike Faraday.

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