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Advent Calendar: Day Two

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Twenty-three sleeps till Santa and the Advent Calendar special offers continue. On the second day, we got the French medium tank Lorraine 40 t.

Lorraine 40 t

The Premium Shop deal comes with a 19% discount for the bundle, with the tank, some Gold and Premium Account and unique camouflages, but if you are looking to spend some spare Gold, you can buy the tank for 11,000 Gold in the in-game store.

Lorraine 40 t

What’s Hot

  • High burst damage
  • High mobility
  • Good gun depression
  • Unique camouflage scheme

What’s Not

  • Armour? What armour?
  • Large target
  • Slow hull traverse speed
  • Long aim time
  • Long reload time
Lorraine 40 t

Package Contents

  •  VIII Lorraine 40 t
  •  1x Garage Slot
  •  100% Crew
  • 3x Unique Camouflage for Lorraine 40t
  •  30 Days Premium Account Time
  • 3,500
  • 5x Victory EXP Bonus (25 times)

*Note: Earn this bonus by ranking within top 10 by EXP in your team! Not applicable for first victories.

Mission – Advent Calendar Day 2

Please remember, you have to manually activate the Advent Calendar every day in-game.


  • Destroy five enemy vehicles.
  • Be among the top 10 players on your team by the following parameter: Experience earned.


  • Random Battles, Grand Battles
  • Tier IV or higher vehicles.


  • x2 Additional Credits per Battle (Large) +50% credits per battle for 2 h 00 min. Personal Reserve

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