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Advent Calendar: Day Four

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Twenty-one sleeps till Santa and the Advent Calendar special offers continue. On the fourth day, we got the American Tier VIII heavy tank – Chrysler K.

Chrysler K

The Premium Shop deal comes with the usual 20% discount for the bundle, with the tank, some Gold and Premium Account and a fully trained crew, but if you are looking to spend some spare Gold, you can buy the tank for 9,500 Gold in the in-game store.

Chrysler K

What’s Hot

  • Excellent frontal hull & turret armour (just hide that lower plate!)
  • Good acceleration
  • High APCR penetration

What’s Not

  • Careful positioning needed to protect lower front plate, side, and rear armour.
  • May need help destroying heavily armoured vehicles.
  • Going somewhere? Plan ahead, because your travel time may be a little long.
  • Hide behind cover often! This is a large target.
Chrysler K

Package Contents

  • VIIIChrysler K
  •  1 x Garage Slot
  •  100% Crew
  • 2,500
  •  30 Days Premium Account Time
  • 5x Victory EXP Bonus (25 times)

*Note: Earn this bonus by ranking within top 10 by EXP in your team! Not applicable for first victories.

Mission – Advent Calendar Day 4

Please remember, you have to manually activate the Advent Calendar every day in-game.


  • Damage 7 enemy vehicles
  • Be among the top 10 players on your team by the following parameter: Experience earned.


  • Random Battles, Grand Battles
  • Tier IV or higher vehicles.
  • Available once per account.


  •  5,000

15,466 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Day Four

  1. This Tank aint Worth it!
    Chance the armor works is 5050 on t8 and hightier non existent.

    Sides to thin (so only very flat angles work) and scrape opportunities not always given…

    And even then.. anyone slightly to the sides shoots trough that giant profile

    That be enough to damn any tank that relies on armor… However!

    Your gun does 300 dmg each 10s…
    With Lousy penetration! So good luck spaming gold at 9+10… while having average income for it’s tier…

    Only upside… It does look nice….
    Aside of that… Wait for Defender
    It ain’t a miracle, but worth a few bucks…

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