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Advent Calendar 2021: Some Details Leaked!

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The Advent Calendar 2021 is approaching and we were able to find a few more details and confirm them.

  • Advent Calendar won’t have a deal on the first day, just a mission.
  • Players will be able to use Gold or Cash to buy each exclusive deal every day.
    • The deal for Cash will be a bundle with usually 30% discount!
    • The deal for Gold will only be available in-game and won’t have so many extra!
  • Vehicles will come with x5 XP for victory bundled with them as previous years.
  • 3D Styles for vehicles will be coming, just not sure if on their own or bundled with a vehicle!

We don’t know yet the full list of vehicles for each day, but if we don’t get it, the more surprises you get. Make sure to check us each day to get the latest deal and mission every day! More information as soon as possible!

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  1. what’s the mission for today, the 1st of December? I can’t seem to find any info on it anywhere.

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