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Advent Calendar: Could the last deal be a Tier IX?

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The Advent Calendar this year has been water tight and nothing much has been leaked. The information has been encrypted and none of the usual sources has been able to leak any deals that might be coming! All except for one.

A few days ago, WOT Express leaked one of the Advent Calendar deals, and the leak was confirmed the next day when the Polish heavy tank 50tp Prototyp was available for purchase with Gold.

The same source has shared information with them about the deal coming on December 25, the last deal that will be available only for cash! The source claimed the last deal would be a Premium Tier IX vehicle, the one and only Premium at that Tier: Strv K, Swedish Tier IX heavy tank!

Of couse we have to take this information with a grain of salt, after all the same source only shared one deal, but it was confirmed to be true! If the information turns out to be true, you can expect a cash only deal and most likely to be in the range of 45.00€ to 50.00€! If you missed it for free or a cheaper deal during the marathon event, this could be an opportunity to grab it for the real cash value!

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15,466 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Could the last deal be a Tier IX?

  1. Not a chance! Never Wargaming as released a new tank in such event, would not be the best option to cash in the most. Plus, they need tanks for next Battle P*** Seasons!

  2. CCs should acounce, that the T9 premium is not worth 50€ to protect new players.

  3. not this tank, lets get something better at tier 9, Concept! not bought anything yet! still waiting for newer stuff! GSOR–Bisonte.

  4. I am not a CC anymore and I have never even tried the Strv K to be honest, dont have it in my garage!

  5. There’s no other tier IX tank in game file apart from Strv K. It’s the only option.

  6. first they give us bad tanks in loot boxes and now again the tank i already have?shame

  7. Hope not. That tank is trash. Then this advent calendar would be a disappointment for me (got all the proper tanks already, so hoping for a new one).

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