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Advent Calendar 2021: All Tanks & Styles Leaked! Exclusive Videos!

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Today has been an intensive and interesting day! While some like to keep the Advent Calendar a secret, we like to know in advance if anything is worth the investment of our Gold or money!

We were able to datamine and find all the vehicles and styles that will be coming during the Advent Calendar 2021! These also confirm our previous leak, where we will have two 3D Styles available too!

Keep in mind we don’t know the days, just the content and the list is not in order of how it will be coming out. The Gold Price in the following list represents the in-game price of the vehicle plus a garage slot. The real Gold price of the deal should be similar if not exactly those two prices combined. Of course, we are not responsible if Wargaming decides now to change the deals or prices, but given the time it was invested, most probably they won’t as no one knows what days these deals will come out.

List of Advent Calendar Deals
  • 3D Style “Klarer Himmel” for E 100 – 6,000
  • 3D Style “Galahad” for FV4005 –  6,000
  • Lansen C – 6,700 + 300
  • Škoda T 27 – 8,700 + 300
  • Caernarvon Action X – 9,400 + 300
  • Object 703 Version II – 10,300 + 300
  • Rheinmetall Skorpion – 9,800 + 300
  • Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC – 6,500 + 300
  • Somua SM – 9,900 + 300
  • TS-5 – 8,800 + 300
  • AMX 13 57 – 4,500 + 300
  • Strv S1 – 9,800 + 300 (15% Discount – 8,585)
  • M48A2 Räumpanzer – 6,700 + 300
  • LT-432 – 5,800 + 300
  • M41D – 5,800 + 300
  • Strv 81 – 8,700 + 300
  • E 75 TS – 9,400 + 300
  • WZ-111 Alpine Tiger – 11,000 + 300
  • M6A2E1 – 6,700 + 300
  • VK 75.01 (K) – 7,200 + 300
  • Löwe – 11,200 + 300 (15% Discount – 9,775)
  • Lorraine 40t – 9,600 + 300
  • WZ-120-1G FT – 9,100 + 300 (15% Discount – 7,990)
  • T-103 – 6,400 + 300
  • (NEW) STG Guard – 8,700 +300 (15% Discount – 7,650)
  • (NEW) 50TP prototyp – 9600 +300
  • (NEW) Chrysler K – 8200 +300
  • (NEW) 360 Days Premium – 20,400 (15% Discount)
*Price is displayed as vehicle Gold value plus Garage Slot.

Advent Calendar 2021 Vehicles and Styles

Remember, these deals will be available for Gold and in bundles for cash too. Let us know if you think any of these vehicles are worth your Gold or Cash in the comment section!

53 thoughts on “Advent Calendar 2021: All Tanks & Styles Leaked! Exclusive Videos!

    1. Be aware as we don’t know the days, just the vehicles and other content!

    2. Is there a limit to how many you can buy with gold? If i recall correctly, last year after I bought the HWK 30 that the next tanks were only available for $$. I have 35K gold and there are a few on this list I’d like to have.

    3. Can anyone confirm the repurchasability (new word) of new tanks with gold?

  1. Hey
    The 3D Skins are not new
    The E100 one was given out last year in some event and the FV skin is the same as from the Highway event

    1. No, they aren’t new, but its the first time we see 3D styles in the calendar! That’s new!

  2. If I may give an indication on what to consider and what not:

    The 3D skins are whatever. Get them if you want, they dont give you any advantage.

    The TS-5 has already been a deal on 2020/12/02, so I will ignore that aswell.

    AMX 1357 is great fun if you like the AMX series. It has a 9 clip loader, which deals little damage but has high intraclip. It can clip T6 and some T7 comforatbly. every T5 is clipable.

    The S1 is tough. If you like the playstyle of sitting redline and sniping longrange get it, if you dont like it skip. It plays like the Tech tree tanks.

    Lansen C is difficult for me. I got it from Clan Wars and was kinda excited for it. Good mobility and armor. Nice average damage, aceptable penetration. But the gun is unreliable. Bad gunhandling and bad accuracy + long aim time. Its a troll, not bad but trollish.

    Räumpanzer is a solid skip. There a better tanks in the game for the price. It is slow, the shovel is useless, the gun isnt favorable and armor is whatever.

    Skoda is good, depending on the price I would get that. It plays like the T50 and 50/51. The pen is bad, so you migh need a lot of gold to use it.

    LT is a great scout. Maybe the second best after the EBR, I would place it at the same rate as the EBR. Great armor, T9 medium values, nice gun, great HE to hunt lights without armor, great mobility. Definetly consider it.

    M41D is not great, The Bulldog, 90 GF and LT are far better than the M41D. It can have its moments, but gets demolished by the other lights.

    Caern AX is nice. Great hulldown, the Heat shield do it well, the gun is close to the Tech Tree, more average damage, longer reload. Speed is not too great like most british HTs. If you enjoy Caern, Conq and SConq its to consider.

    Strv 81 is good. Plays like the Cent 1, so if liked this then get it.

    E75TS is also great. Great mobility and gun, good armor but weird layout. Large lower plate and weird weakspots on the sides of the turret make it a bit weaker. But its a solid tank.

    WZ-111 Alpine tiger is imo whatever. Pref MM is great, and the only real reason to consider it except the good armor to mobility ratio.

    M6A2E1, also Alien is weird. Its frontal armor is amazing, mobility is trash for that. The gun is good, nice gun depression. But as soon as it turns a bit sideways it gets pened almost immediatley.

    VK 75.01(k) is your typical German HT. Frontal Armor is great, gun aswell, turret on the back makes it a good sidescraper. Be mindful about the turret weakspot, its quite large. Lowerplate is also weak. But if you like the VK 45 B consider it.

    703 II is better than Defender imo. The armor is more effective as it doesnt get a nose, so you can angle it up. The mobility is better than Defender, the guns are great. Its the strongest Double Barrell and comparable to the IS-3-II, but better upperhull armor. Very good tank, consider it.

    Skorpion is nice. Its large but has good camo, great gun and ok mobility. The turret allows for Camo Net and Binos to stay active. HE is its biggest enemy.

    Löwe is a solid T8 HT. I think everyone has already heard of it. Its a good tank, consider it.

    Lorraine 40t. It has no armor, HE gets your side and rear easily, mobility is great, clip potential is massive. BUT it is bigger than a house, and reloads very long for the clip, intra clip being long too.

    WZ-120 is the best T8 China TD. Amazing frontal armor, causing TX meds to bounce because of the angle, good mobility and great gun. Not comparable from the playstyle to the Tech Tree WZ.

    T-103 is slow and big, with weak armor and too many spots. However it does have a TX worthy gun and can create bounces.

    RAAC, is like STRV 81 and Cent 1

    Somua SM, is great. Good mobility, surprisignly good armor in the front causing quite a lot of bounces. It has a 5 clip autoloader, which reloads in a reasonable time.

    Please do not take my word for everything. These are just my opinions but also form your own opinion using sides like Tanks.GG to compare stats and look at armor profiles.
    I am a big fan of fast HTs like 277, fast Meds and lights. I dont like tanks like the Maus, Campy TDs like the Strvs and Arty, so keep that in mind as it reflects how I rate these tanks.

    Don’t overspend on this as it is only a game, and only in-game goodies. Be reasonable as you dont need any of these to be effective in the game.

    Stay Healthy, and have a good time in December and in the game.
    See you

    1. Just nitpicking:
      Skorpion actually has very poor camouflage parameters.

    2. Yea the camo of Skoprion is not amazing as it is a large vehicel. Finding a bush that conceals the tank can be hard. But the way camo works in the game it doesnt matter what value you have, as long as the tank fires its gun 15m behind the bushwork and is fully concealed being spotted will be quite rare.

    3. I own all the tanks described below except the M48A2 Räumpanzer.

      TS-5: Solid TD with very good frontal armor, good gun, crazy DPM. Very slow. Use turbo charger, improved rotation mechanism and gun rammer with it. Recommended.

      AMX 13 57: 8 shell clip with 1 sec intra clip reload. Small, fast, no armor. Fun to play – if you can handle it. Recommended.

      Strv S1: Stealth TD with very good gun, high camo value and good mobility (which gets somewhat hampered by its siege mode mechanic). Who says you have to camp the red line with it? Advance with your team and stay behind far enough to exploit your camo and have the team spot for you. Recommended.

      Lansen C: Mobile medium tank with good gun, high alpha (320) for a med and very good gun depression. Low profile. No armor worth mentioning though. Recommended.

      M48A2 Räumpanzer: Good frontal armor … if there wasn’t that tumor on the turret. The abysmal gun handling really kills this tank. Not recommended.

      Skoda T27: Very nice medium tank with fast loading 3 shell clip and decent gun. Recommended.

      LT-432: Best tracked tier 8 scout. Very low profile, hard turret, good gun, good camo value, good mobility. Recommended.

      M41D: Nice scout with good gun and mobility and high DPM. A bit large though, and well, since there’s the EBR … it’s real tank though, no wheeled cancer.

      Caernarvon Action X: Very good heavy tank with good turret armor and very high DPM. Recommended.

      Strv 81: Turret armor so so, bad frontal hull armor, unreliable gun, although good DPM. Prone to getting ammo racked. Not recommended.

      E 75 TS: Looks good, but is a pain to play. Gun has good alpha and pen, but is unreliable and has bad handling. Hull sides are very soft and penetrated even at acute angles. This is a heavy/medium hybrid with the worst of both worlds. Well, WG apparently was still struggling with their WW2 trauma when balancing this tank …

      WZ 111 Alpine Tiger: Looks great and is very fast (particularly for a heavy tank), but that’s it. Typical Chinese / Russian derp gun, although with 250 mm avg. premium ammo (HEAT) pen. Recommend for looks, not recommended for playing.

      M6A2E1: Extremely strong frontal armor, good penetration and alpha, but rather bad gun handling. Rahter slow and sluggish, weak side armor – and it’s a huge tank, so it’s a target the size of a barn door. Not recommended.

      VK 75.01 (K): Doesn’t keep what its looks promise. Very slow, extremely long reload, frontal armor not really worth anything, big weak spots, easy to flank and shred to pieces. Of all the bad tier 8 premium tanks this is probably the worst. Not at all recommended.

      Object 703 Version II: It’s a decent heavy tank I’d say. The armor is not as good as on the Defender, but the gun handling is better, and it has pretty high avg. premium ammo (HEAT) pen (270). The double barrel mechanic give you the extra shot or punch you need when outgunned. Recommended.

      Rheinmetall Skorpion: Very popular, looks good on paper, but somehow disappoints in reality. The seemingly super accurate gun often misses. The turret rotation is extremely slow although the turret has only paper armor. I recommend using an improved rotation mechanism on it. I would rather go for the SU 130 PM than this tank.

      Löwe: Imo the best tier 8 heavy tank bar none. Rather slow (comparable to other tier 8 heavy tanks), good frontal and very good turret armor, very good gun depression, very accurate gun with good alpha and very good penetration (293 mm avg. for premium and 232 for standard ammo). Highly recommended.

      Lorraine 40t: Not as mobile as it looks on paper, as it takes quite a while to accelerate. Good clip potential is negated by horribly gun handling, long reload and long intraclip load time (be prepared to miss 50% of your shots at medium to long range). Some players seem to excel with it. I hate it. Not recommended.

      WZ 120 1G-FT: Pretty good attack TD. Very mobile, good frontal armor if you turn your tank to the side a bit the moment before a shell hits it. Armor doesn’t work against tier 9 or 10 premium ammo though. Good penetration and alpha, very good DPM, but inaccurate. You want to use its mobility get close and personal with this tank. Recommended.

      T-103: Heavy tank in TD disguise. Tier 8 turret on a tier 7 hull. Slow, sluggish, huge. The gun is worth it though. Recommended? Probably not, unless you have money to burn (it’s not that bad, just not really good).

      Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC: This British tier 8 premium medium tank is very good. It has both good turret and frontal hull armor and a very reliable, fast firing gun with the typically British low alpha. Very good gun depression on top and acceptable mobility make this a great medium tank. Highly recommended.

      Somua SM: Slower than its medium sibling, the Lorraine 40t, but with surprisingly good frontal and turret armor and a 5 shell clip with insane damage potential for a tier 8 tank. The reload time is the same for one shell more, the gun handling is good and so are the penetration and gun depression. This tank can one clip almost every tier 8 tank. Totally recommended.

  3. Any idea what the 2 other premium tanks will be in the large lootboxes?
    I think bourrasque or ebr 75 or elc 90 and renegade or IS-3a.

  4. no T-28E with F-30? that’s the only tank that I wanna add to my garage right now.

  5. WHAT?! No Progetto 46?! Well shit, that just ruined my college break training right there. Uggghhh… Well, here’s hoping for January.

  6. Wow knock the prices down 50% and let us use credits.. Nothing here i need or want! . Why not use more things that are harder to get?? That E100 skin looks awful… Why doe s WG insist to add Extra machine guns on all of there skins?? I like to see realistic WWII camo and pay a cheaper price in credits.

    Its Xmas so how about better stuff and using credits to buy??

    1. Thats where the blackmarket comes in, its normally held after the holidays. So hang on to your credits, you will need at least 10m silver to bid for the good tanks tho.

  7. Tanks that have been on sale on and off all year. Nothing rare or special, with the new lines delayed no wonder players are leaving in droves.

    WG marketing is getting beyond arrogant. Fix the game, rather than hiring Chuck Norris

    1. The advent calender never had anything rare or really special in it. That’s where WGs lootboxes next week come in

  8. STG Guard is now available on asia server for Dec9 advent calendar. This deviates from the list. Any idea on why that has happened?

    1. Maybe things got changed because of the leak? Will look into it later.

  9. So today’s tank is the STG Guard, guess the list got “rebalanced”… And here I was excited to get the Obj. 703 and E75 TS for free (tournament gold ftw)…

    1. I had saved my gold for the obj 703 aswell. I hope it will still be on the list

  10. You have lack os a tank in your list! The Guard, was sold in december 9th.

    1. This list hasn’t been updated, every day with the calendar tank announced I publish the list with updated details.

  11. on the list u cheked e75ts but its not yet on calendar remove the false information ty

  12. one more tank not from list, 50TP prt., actually I am waiting for 703II, but now, I don’t think it will ever come …

  13. Aaa another tank not from the list… Why fkin Chrysler? Vehicle available from the bonds shop, what a joke. Stil hoping for “rarer” tanks, such as 703II… But at this point it is less and less likely to happen.

    1. I don’t think the styles will come, or if they do will be in the last day as a bundle… If they don’t come, that leaves space for all tanks in the list expect for one to still be available 🙂

    2. Exactly, from this day there is at least one tank from the list that won´t be available. With my luck it might be the tank I want the most. And the funny part is that it was replaced by Chrysler. That´s why I was so furious when i found out 🙂 Thank you for your reply though. I Hope you are right about the styles 😉

  14. Eww, 20th December, 1 year of premium account for a shitty 15% discount… crummy Christmas haha

  15. Man, was so excited when this leak came out as I’ve been in the hunt for Skoda, 703 and regular Scorpion. Now we have two days left and still none of them have dropped. Hope at least one will be there in the coming days.

  16. this year the calendar lasts till 1 january… so there is plenty of days still…

    1. Last deal is on the 25th and the deal lasts until the 1st of January, the same as every year past!

  17. Object 703 Version II can not be bought with in-game Gold. I saved up for nothing.

    1. Well, you already knew that today when the ELC was announced as the last deal for gold… Kinda expected that the most hyped tank from last year Large Boxes was going to be the last day deal for cash only :\

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