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Advent Calendar: Next Possible Deals!

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This year while it’s a great improvement we can buy the deal of the day with Gold, the discounts have been quite disappointing, but know what comes next is always nice.

Guessing what the next deal is always a fun activity for the Advent Calendar and our friends from Rykoszet published a list of each deal for the next few days for the Advent Calendar 2019.

I’ve waited until today to check if the information would confirm to be accurate, it turns out to be accurate so I’ve decided to share the same information.


Advent Calendar 2018

04 December 2018

Spoiler Alert - Click to Reaveal

Chrysler K – Tier VIII American Heavy Tank

05 December 2018

Spoiler Alert - Click to Reaveal

Type 62 – Tier VII Chinese Light Tank

06 December 2018

Spoiler Alert - Click to Reaveal

360 Days Premium Account

07 December 2018

Spoiler Alert - Click to Reaveal

M4A2E8 Thunderbolt VII – Tier VI American Medium Tank

More to come soon, stay tuned.


15,466 thoughts on “Advent Calendar: Next Possible Deals!

  1. The Type 62 is a great little light tank, actually enjoyable even in nowadays WoT. I definitely recommend it.

  2. It is amazing, got today ammoracked from 731 hp to blast and then on next match outspotted by td receiving 630 damage and fire which killed the tank again.

    On positive note, it is decent light tank much similar to the wz lights from VII to X.

  3. today we have the Chrysler K….
    Could it be you made a Typo and it should be 2018 in every point and not 2019 witch is next year?

  4. Hi Hark!

    Any idea how much the premium account is going to cost?

    Keep up the good work brother tanker.

  5. On NA at least, all these tanks have been on sale multiple times this year already. Nothing exciting here. Big yawn.

  6. Maybe like the tier 7 and 8 idk about the 10 its definitely not like the tier 9 that thing is trash

  7. Hey Scott! Just saw your comment, sorry! I’m sure by now you already saw todays deal 🙂

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