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Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 23

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Hello everyone,

Advent Calendar Day 23 brought us a T-34-85 Rudy, another tank from the Berlin Quartet. You can get your hands on the tank with a garage slot, 1,650 Gold and a 100% Trained Crew with 100% Brothers in arms for just €19.99. A great tank with a crew already in it? It’s almost another Cromwell B deal, a must have in the garage, a very decent premium Tier VI medium tank. And thats not all, the crew includes a dog and changes the Sixth Sense Sound when you get spotted. Jokes aside, if you are looking for a decent Tier VI Russian Premium Medium Tank, look no more.


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  • EU Region: QDWE3L2M4SA2XB
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  • NA Region: NZGJK3HKB6M45Y

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