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Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 22

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Hello everyone,

On Day 22 of the Advent Calendar we got the German Light Tank M 41 90 mm GF. It’s the only Tier VIII Premium Light Tank in the game and it was the first Black Edition tank ever in the game. You can get the tank with a garage slot, 7,750 Gold, 15 Missions x5 XP For a Victory and 30 Personal Reserves +100% Crew XP for 2 hours for €49.99. Or if just want the tank you can get it with a garage slot for only €25.09, making it one of the cheapest Tier VIII tanks you can buy.

Is it worth to buy? Well, again it entirely depends on you. If you like to play Light Tanks and you are looking for a decent premium to train your crews, this tank is the one for you. It’s a solid premium, if played well it can actually be a very good credit maker. But, because it’s a Light Tank, it’s also one of the most difficult tanks to Master. If you are not a good player with Light Tanks I wouldn’t recommend this tank. As per usual, Circon Review so you can have a second opinion.


Circon Review