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Advent Calendar 2016 – Day 19 & Previous Days

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Hello everyone,

Back from Moscow, so normal posting can resume! Sorry for not publish the last Advent Calendar promotions, but I really didn’t have time to do much since Thursday. So, first of all, just a couple of images with what was released on Day 17 and 18 of Advent Calendar 2016.

Day 17 – E 25


On Day 17 we had the infamous E 25. Was it right for Wargaming to sell this OP of a tank again? Well, yes and no. Yes, because of all the players out there that missed the opportunity to buy it before it was removed, it’s a very, very, very good tank. On the other hand, no they shouldn’t! The tank is OP and after the swarms of them coming to the game on it’s last sale, we kinda have enough of them around.

The bundle wasn’t uber expensive, I believe it was €49.99 for the tank with Gold and the usual reserves and bonus, so for any player that really wanted to get it, it was affordable and not a €99,99 take my arm and leg bundle.

Day 18 – Rheinmetall Skorpion G


On Day 17 we had the Skorpion G. A lot of players were waiting for it to come out again, but this time it would cost a bit more than previously. A nice, solid Premium Tank Destroyer, a bit difficult to master but once you got the hands of it, it’s a credit printing machine. But it came with a price of €59.99, so it wasn’t cheap to get it.

Day 19 – Cromwell B


And finally today, Day 19 of the Advent Calendar we got the Cromwell B for €24,99. It comes with a Garage Slot, 3,000 Gold and 100% Trained Crew with Brothers in Arms. Just like the IS-2 Berlin, it’s a very decent Premium Tank, a must have for Tier VI and it already comes with trained crew! As per usual, Circon review so you can have a better idea of the tank. Also I’ve updated the Christmas Code with all parts that have come out for all regions.

Circon Review

Christmas Code – Previous & New Part Code

  • EU Region: QDWE3L2M4S A2
  • SEA Region: 6MZA9HZRAK 5H
  • NA Region: NZGJK3HKB6 M4

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