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Supertest: A43 BP prototype

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Don’t find it strange that the Supertest server might smell of tea and scones, because of today the A43 BP prototype, a British Tier VI Premium heavy tank, as entered closed test stage.

A43 BP prototype – British Tier VI Premium heavy tank

The A43 BP prototype, more known as Black Prince was a heavy tank intended to replace the Churchill, but the project got cancelled as the Centurion just entered production, offered the same protection, firepower, and was faster and less complicated to manufacture. The vehicle has 150mm at the front of the hull and turret; it’s equipped with a British 17-pounder capable of rapid fire, 11 rounds per minute, with excellent penetration of 171 mm with a primary round.

If the primary round isn’t enough, it can fire a powerful APCR round capable of penetrating 239 mm of steel. But as with everything in the game, not everything can be useful, as while the vehicle might offer decent protection and firepower, it comes at a cost: its mobility and dynamics. The A43 BP prototype is slow, very slow I might add, with a top speed of just 20 km/h-. The hull traverse speed is only 20 degrees per second, and any fast tank will be able to run circles around it without being able to counter it. Let’s face it, the A43 BP prototype wasn’t made to be fast, but to slowly push through the enemies.

So what is this A43 BP prototype? It’s nothing more than a down tiered Black Prince with a historical configuration, made a Premium. We’ve seen this before, even recently with the M10 RBFM. Will it be a great vehicle? Maybe, as the Black Prince struggles with the higher tiered vehicles, as a Tier VI it might be more inside its comfort zone. I guess we will have to wait and see, but it definitely won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, that’s for sure.

6 thoughts on “Supertest: A43 BP prototype

  1. its no stock config, its the full thing, but a nerfed turret and a slightly nerfed gun
    aka a larger churchill 7 with garbage dpm but with usable gun dep
    i’ll keep my churchill 7 with the stock gun, i’ll have far better results, lul.

    1. You are right, I wanted to say the historical, not stock lol brain is failing 😀

  2. 2.5 Sec aimtime o9n a 17 pdr gun that does 150 dmg cmon…..

  3. ofc put a tier7 to tier6 by premium status…
    very WG logic… King Tiger logic 2.0

    1. The Black Prince is honestly a tier 6 at best these days considering what it faces.

  4. First the tiger 2 C now this . Wargaming don’t care that they making the tech tree tanks they are based on look real bad. They just trying to cash in on tanks people play. Even though the BP and tiger 2 are shit a lot of people play them . They just cashing in on peoples fav tanks. RIP TANKS FOR BONDS. THERES NOTHING LEFT .

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