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A small update…

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During the last week, I’ve been much slower than usual posting articles with the latest news. The reason was very simple: family issues and my work.

As you all know, running the blog is a hobby, my family and work come first and recent events have put everything into perspective. I’m lucky enough to have all my grandparents alive, but unfortunately, life decided to play me a trick when both my grandfather’s ended up in hospital on the same weekend. Both had major life-threatening surgeries and I’ve to be honest that I wasn’t much in the mod for my job or the blog.

To top it up, at work we had a few technical issues, serious ones, and I ended up working about 36 hours non-stop. The extra work and the stress of the issues the fault caused, I just couldn’t find any time to come here and post them as usual. Unfortunately, this might continue, not as bad, for a few more days. We are going through the end of the financial year and with reports and new budgets to complete, I will most probably be posting articles later each day.

Fortunately, all is better now, but with the recent events, I’m exhausted. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone, for their continuous support and soon™ I’ll be back to the regular posting.

Enjoy your weekend.

15,466 thoughts on “A small update…

  1. We appreciate everything you put here for us Hark.

    I understand the effort that goes into a blog and life has to come first.

    Keep up the good work but slow down live life, we will still be here.

  2. Hello!, first sorry for my bad english.

    My wish is that your family is well at this time. I sincerely hope that your situation improves, and I thank you for your time to write these articles that I always read with great interest.

    Greetings from Peru, South America.

  3. No worries 🙂 We will still be here when you catch up 😉

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  5. Completely understand Hark. You’ve already done so much for us nerds with all of the awesome new things you’ve brought here. You deserve a break dude! Prayers for your family and work!

  6. Thank you for the effort you put into keeping the community updated

  7. It’s only a game, mate. Concentrate on the important stuff, we’ll be here when you get back.

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