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A small break in the sun…

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Everyone deserves a break and if you are wondering where I am, you might have guessed it right: Portugal. I’m back in my home, Porto, to visit family and have a small break, I’ve actually been here since Saturday night.


Lucky me to pick the first week of May to come and visit if you never visited Porto, I highly recommend to do it during this week, as the “Queima das Fitas do Porto” week starts and all the students have a small break and celebrate either getting through the first year of university or their last one as they graduate! We have a lot of traditions, from our clothes to the “Cortejo“, where all the universities get together and make a parade in the city centre!

I’ve to say, I do miss my student years, but everything in life has its time and mine finished ten years ago, but now I got the opportunity to see my sister-in-law enjoy hers as she enters her fifth year studying Medicine, as it seems it runs in the family, my wife a nurse and her sister a doctor!


It’s amazing how sometimes we don’t really notice where we live until we leave and Porto is a city that anyone can fall in love with. But my time isn’t just going around sight-seeing, I’ll be spending a lot of time with my family, especially with my grandparents after their recent health problems. I’ve to make sure my daughter has a lot of fond memories of her great-grandparents and at the same time I need the time and healing my family gives me so I can recover energies.

Expect fewer posts here on the blog, but you will most probably see quite a few pictures as I post them on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be back to regular posting next Monday, for now, I’ll just enjoy my time and you should do the same… life is short so Carpe Diem.