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A Gift from Wargaming: Credits, Bonds and even a T-50-2!

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It’s December 2008 and a meeting took place at Bityukov where the word tanks was first pronounced. Wargaming, a small studio at the time but dreamed big and in August 2010, World of Tanks was released.

To celebrate this remarkable date, Wargaming has decided to send a great gift to all players who have registered in the game until December 31, 2017, inclusive. The reward you will receive depends on the year your account was created, for example, if you registered your account on December 31, 2013, you will be rewarded the same who registered on January 1, 2013. You can confirm your account creation date in the Achievements section of the game client.

To receive the awards, players will need to enter the game from 28th November, and they can pick them up until December 2019.


One Year of Service

Account Creation Year: 2017

You might be new to the game, but Wargaming still has a gift for you. With one year of service you will get:

  • 1 Year Service Medal
  • 1 Year Service Emblem
  • 1,000 Bonds
  • 1,000,000 Credits

Two/Three Years of Service

Account Creation Year: 2016 or 2015

The longer you have played World of Tanks, the greater the gift you will get. Any player who has two or three years of service will get:

  • Service medal representing your years in-game
  • Service emblem representing your years in-game
  • 3,000 Bonds
  • 3,000,000 Credits

Four/Five Years of Service

Account Creation Year: 2014 or 2013

You’re almost a Veteran in World of Tanks, you have played the game long enough to see KV-1S and Hellcats dominating the battlefields, meaning you get some extra goodies in your gift! Any player with four or five years of service will get:

  • Service medal representing your years in-game
  • Service emblem representing your years in-game
  • 4,000 Bonds
  • 4,000,000 Credits
  • T-50-2, Tier VI Soviet light tank

Six or more Years of Service

Account Creation Year: 2012 or 2011

The KV was king of the battlefield in Tier V battles long before it was split into KV-1 and KV-2! Only the oldest of the Veterans will remember these days, a true Veteran. Players who have six or more years of service will get:

  • Service medal representing your years in-game
  • Service emblem representing your years in-game
  • 5,000 Bonds
  • 5,000,000 Credits
  • T-50-2, Tier VI Soviet light tank
  • Unique 3D Style

Alpha & Beta Testers

Alpha or Beta Tester Accounts

Last but not least, the oldest of the old, the ones who first paved the road to World of Tanks release, many will still remember the 250 Gold players used to get on their accounts. Players who participated in the Alpha and Beta stages of World of Tanks will get:

  • Alpha or Beta service medal
  • Alpha service or Beta emblem
  • 5,000 Bonds
  • 5,000,000 Credits
  • T-50-2, Tier VI Soviet light tank
  • Unique 3D Style
  • Badge for Alpha and Beta testers only
  • Different colour name background – The colour will be different to distinguish between Alpha and Beta testers

Unique 3D Style

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15,466 thoughts on “A Gift from Wargaming: Credits, Bonds and even a T-50-2!

  1. Yeah, nice gift for a change 🙂 Even for players who have only been player for a year or so, it’s a nice gift.

  2. I created my account and started playing in July 2010. This is a nice gift from WG, I never expected they would reward players with a premium tank. I thought it would be a unique decal/camo at most. I haven’t played that much during this year, this gesture may encourage some players like me to come back and play some battles.

  3. I have been around since Beta days looking forward to that nice tidy package and won’t cost me a penny.

  4. Really generous of WG. I like it.
    And oh boy that unique style sure surprised me. Good old glorious HD skins. 🙂

  5. I registered sept. 14 and played like 20 games. I really started playing September 17. And I get free stuff just like that. Well played Wargaming. And good foresight on my part 😀

  6. Even though I’ve sunk a lot of money in this game over the years, I think it’s great that they are not making a difference between free and paying players. Nice job by Wargaming.

  7. Any idea what happens if you transfered servers?
    My original account on na was 2012 but I transfered to SEA 2017?

  8. Hello Harkonnen , saw you play su130pm , any hint about rumor that it will be marathon reward??

  9. Wow, after announcing a “gift for everyone” in a video and implying that it will be a tank by showing it it turns out the gift is not for everyone. GJ wg and thanks for f’ing nothing…

  10. Not sure on my starting date, because qaccount was moved from NA server to SEA servers back in 2013 and that is the date shown on the account even though I started playing on NA before that date.

  11. the fact that you don’t get the tank means you joined in 2015 (at best). are you really complaining you won’t get a tank that was removed from the game 2 years (at best) before you even made your account? also, “thanks you nothing” as if 3m credits and 3k bonds are nothing.

  12. Harkonnen, you write four/five years of service 2014or 2013.
    but when you start in 2013 is
    2013 – first year
    2014 – second
    2015 – third
    2016 – fourth
    2017- fifth
    2018 – sixth
    am i wrong or you math 2013+5 -2018

  13. Its more like 2017 – first year
    16 – second
    15 – third
    13 – fifth
    12 – 6+

  14. It still is a gift for everyone, a player who has been around for one year, still gets 1,000,000 Credits and 1,000 Bonds… How can that be bad? The world isn’t a fair place, it would be unfair from WG to just give the tank to everyone when so many players never even seen the tank in the game at all.

  15. ok, thx
    im still from 2013 forward, and get the bonds and tank.
    it was my math wrong 🙂

  16. I created my account on the 2nd of January 2015. So, according to the article, I won’t get the tank. However, if I’ll wait to claim the reward till January 2019, will I get the tank then? (I will be having a 4 years old account by then).

  17. Not sure if it works like that, but the reward is claimed automatically once you login into the game.

  18. They can have that ****ty 1mil and 1k bonds. Seems like WG thinks that if u play for 1 year ur still at tier 5 with most of the tanks. I got enough credits and a decent amount of bonds that i can not use for anything useful. The video promised a free tank… Plus i see loads of ppl on the formus that will get the full reward and they have less games in the game as I do and i am playing it for a year. Wont even go into how much i invested into the game to catch up with the “veterans”… TY WG for nothing. If i could i would return them the 1mil & 1k bonds reward.

  19. Having a high number of battles doesn’t make you worth of having better rewards… I’ve played the game since Beta, I’ve heavily invested in the game too, that doesn’t mean I have to have 100,000 battles under my belt… The objective here is to reward everyone with something, and reward “old players” with a nice thank they used to play back in 2012. If you have an account since 2017, why should you be given this tank? Plus, if I’m not wrong, I strongly believe others will be able to get it once they completed the required number of years as WG has plans to continue to bring this kind of “event” in the future, just like its tradition to give away a free Tier II/III tank on Christmas/New Year.

  20. That sucks, man. I am on the same situation. My account is from February 2015. I lost the tank for 2 months but you is even worst, you lost it by 2 days.

  21. Wonder if those people who didnt join early enough to get the tank will be able to buy it

  22. when you start in 2013
    from 2013 to 2014 is 1st year
    from 2014 to 2015 is 2nd year
    from 2015 to 2016 is 3rd year
    from 2016 to 2017 is 4th year
    from 2017 to 2018 is 5th year

  23. I have the the Beta Sherman but i was not given the the Beta test pack. I’m i missing something?

  24. I have the same problem, seems there was a problem with the rewards, more info as soon as I have it.

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