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Frontline Episode 7: Boost Your Progres

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The seventh episode of Frontline 2019 will start on 19 August at 05:00 UTC and will be available until 26 August at 02:00 UTC. In the seventh Episode, the technical cooldown on respawn will be reduced to 10 seconds, instead of 30. Technical issues have been fixed, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.

In July we added new Personal Reserves for Frontline to the Common Test. These boosters increase the amount of Frontline Experience that you earn in a battle. Now we’re ready to offer Personal Reserves to all players who will hit the battlefield in the upcoming Frontline Episode 7.

How They Work

The mechanics of Personal Reserves haven’t changed since the latest Common Test. They will boost +100% Frontline XP for 1 hour since the “Activate” button is clicked. For example, having earned the “General” rank in a Frontline battle, you will receive 2,400 Frontline Experience, instead of the previous 1,200. Boosters are activated in standard slots for Personal Reserves in your game client.

How Can I Get Boosters?

You can get boosters for free and with little effort, a week before the start of the next Episode. All you need is to complete special missions when playing in Random Battles from August 12th to 19th. Only 10 boosters will be available during this period, so don’t miss your chance to get your hands on them and speed up your progress in the mode!

Put simply, you have the opportunity to get a maximum of 20 Reserves—ten for completing special missions, and ten available for Gold. They will help you get the most out of the new Episode and pave your way to the main rewards of the Season – Frontline-exclusive heavy tanks, Emil 1951 and AE Phase I.

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  1. Its fucking stupid how they increased the grind of Frontline just to monetize it even further.

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