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Tank Festival: Czech Holidays

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The Czech Holidays is the opening activity of the Tank Festival and starts on 9 August. Certain Festival tasks overlap with this event’s missions, so you can work on them both at the same time and make the most of your time, all while earning double the rewards!

In total, there will be 10 stages that both novices and veterans can enjoy during this event. Missions unlock daily, with the first starting on August 9; you can begin playing any time before the end of the event and catch up on all the missions for the days you’ve missed.

In addition to earning blueprints, Credits, Consumables and other standard rewards, you will also have the opportunity to get your hands on an exclusive 3D Style for the brand-new Škoda T 27—the first-ever Tier VIII Czechoslovak Premium tank.

While you can complete event missions with any Tier IV-X vehicle, doing them in a Škoda T 27 will earn you extra rewards. Some of the additional Czech-flavored gifts you can look forward to include:

  • Czechoslovak Crew Books
  • Female “Zero-Skill” Crew members with Brothers in Arms Perk
  • More Czechoslovak and universal blueprints