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113 Beijing Opera – Chinese Server Exclusive Premium

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The Chinese Server is known as one of the most eccentric World of Tanks server. Players are more than whiling to pay for things, we in other Regions, think are ridiculous, specially if the price is going to be way over 100€.

113 Beijing Opera Heavy Tank

Because of this, we see tanks like 113 Beijing Opera getting introduced to the game. No, the tank isn’t coming to other servers, it’s an exclusive for the Chinese server. It was introduced to the game client with Update 9.19.1, and it costs 22,500 Gold.

113beijin Crew
113 Beijing Opera Special Crew

Basically a Premium version of the 113 with a special camouflage and a unique crew from Beijing Opera, the tank is just another one in the likes of Type 59 Gold, and WZ-111 Alpine Tiger. Would it ever fit other markets, like Europe, North America or even Russian? Most probably not, and that’s what makes the Chinese Server so special.

Image Source: WOT Express



15,466 thoughts on “113 Beijing Opera – Chinese Server Exclusive Premium

  1. Premium tanks are not expensive on Chinese server. It’s only the exclusive and tier 10s that are expensive like gold type 59 and obj.907. Regular premium like the scorpion G, 28 USD equivalent. If you like to go cheaper, Chrysler K 14 USD. The premium tanks makes absolutely no sense on Chinese server.

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