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World of Tanks Console: Monster Mash – Halloween Special

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Hello everyone,

World of Tanks Console is getting it’s very own Halloween Special: Monster Mash. During the “Monster Mash,” purchased or earned “Monster” tanks awaken with their full powers including never-before-seen attacks, abilities and more. Spectre tanks are coming, so don’t “Fear the Spectre” if one suddenly appears in your Garage! The Spectre comes with its own ghastly Crew, which will become a Soviet Crew placed in the Barracks after the event is over.


Monster Tanks Awaken!

Each “Monster” tank awakens with their own unique abilities. Some are better suited against others, but it’ll be up to you on how best to use them!

Lycan T71 “Awakened”

  • Huge improvements to speed, handling, accuracy and rate of fire when at full clip
  • Invulnerable to falling damage
  • Once its ammo clip is empty, the Lycan returns to its normal form where it is more vulnerable

Gorynych KV-5 “Awakened”

  • Spits powerful fireballs dealing high-explosive damage
  • Can ignite nearby enemies with its “fire breath”
  • Slowly regenerates HP over time

Revenant Kraft’s Panther “Awakened”

  • Takes greatly reduced damage everywhere except its turret
  • Does not reveal its position when spotted; can blend in with tank wreckage
  • Moves slower than usual, but also nearly impossible to track

Kaiju O-I “Awakened”

  • Shoots lightning-quick electrical bolts
  • Quickly repairs damaged modules
  • Immune to “fire breath”
  • Atomic breath that causes heavy damage to enemies nearby

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  1. Console version shows once more, how much less fun, experimentig and progress there is in the PC version than there could be. WoT PC sometimes feels like it had reached a dead end with its slow development progress, technical restrictions (no more love for old soviet Kompjutrs, pls!) and terrible design/gameplay ideas.

    … the ONE time I choose PC over console, WG makes me regret it.

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