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World of Tanks Console: Be Your Own Hero

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With the deployment of Update 4.5 on June 26, the Mercenaries will rise. World of Tanks: Mercenaries plunges the game into a radical new reality, where history has changed and rules mean nothing. Endless wars have left the world fractured, and in the vacuum of power left by the destabilization of global powers, soldiers and civilians are now fighting for themselves. Anyone can be their own hero in the age of Mercenaries, and World of Tanks: Mercenaries invites players across the globe to join the fight.

WoTC_Mercenaries_Tech Tree

A brand new Mercenaries ‘nation’ and a full Tech Tree of never-before-seen vehicles will be introduced to the game, giving players the chance to work towards a fascinating armada of powerful vehicles, helmed by unique Mercenary crews. Tailored to the new characters’ traits and needs, the vehicles are comprised of parts scavenged from vehicles of different nations and brought together to create something truly original. Five vehicles will be available at launch, so too will the Mercenary nation grow over the weeks and months to come.

WoTC_Mercenaries_Screenshot_SlapJack - 1

Players will be introduced to the alternate reality of World of Tanks: Mercenaries through a thrilling new PvE story campaign: The Heist. An action-packed tale of espionage, nuclear tensions, and adrenaline-fueled tank battles, this adventure follows a motley crew of Mercenaries contracted to set up, execute, and escape from a raid on a secret facility. Their mission is to steal nuclear material for a client who harbours his own atomic ambitions, but the crew soon find themselves at the mercy of the combined powers of the United States and the Soviet Union. Players can tackle this story alone (like a true Mercenary), or band together with a friend for co-operative online multiplayer action.

WoTC_Mercenaries_Screenshot_Bigtop - 2

In addition to the new story campaign, Mercenaries will have a far-reaching impact across the entire game, with the addition of new maps to Multiplayer battles. Players can expect to explore and fight through an array of fan-favourite maps ravaged by war and time, with original Mercenary vehicles available to battle with or against the game’s existing roster of over 680 vehicles.

WoTC_Mercenaries_Screenshot_Plaguebringer - 2

World of Tanks: Mercenaries is the future of World of Tanks on home consoles. Players can expect more electrifying Mercenaries content in the future, with frequent updates occurring post-release.

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  1. a quite “interesting”, but overall ******ed approach to add new vehicles to the game (the M36B1 is ok, though).

  2. This will either be one of the best things to happen to console or the worst. Keep in mind that we still have the WT E-100 in the tech tree and it will not be removed for us. I like the overall idea but it will be treading a fine line between balance and opinion. There was a promotional picture that was quickly taken down that showed an amx 13 ch***is with a Sheridan turret.

  3. Welcome to the beginning of the end for world of tanks console this will make even more people leave.

    Minsk should go over there and kick them all up the arse for ruining a game with so much potential

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