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World of Tanks Console – Centennial Chieftain/T95 & T-34-88

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Hello everyone,

One of the tanks for World of Tanks Console revealed at Gamescom 2016 was announced today in the Official Portal. Centennial Chieftain/T95, it’s his name, a Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank and players will be able to get it for free or buy it from the Premium Shop.

No details have been given on how to players will be able to get this tank for free at the moment, but two bundles were announced where you can get the tank with quite a long list of extras for 19,600 Gold for the 100 Years Mega Bundle that brings a Russian T-34-88 with it, or just the Centennial Chieftain/T95 with extras for 13,500. For more details just visit the official portal.